What do I do if I lose the download link?


I bought the game about a month ago and about a week ago my Yahoo! inbox got accessed from someone else. They deleted several emails but Yahoo! sent me an email letting me know that they hadn’t accessed anything in the emails. Unfortunately one of the emails they deleted was the download link for Game Dev Tycoon. I want to update to the newest version and have the game to be downloaded on another PC, what do I do?


Send an email to orders@fastspring.com. Once you’ve given them enough information (just your email address should be sufficient, unless you used a different one for PayPal, for example), then they will send you a new email, which you should archive in a safe place immediately.

Should you have trouble with the above procedure, then contact @Charlie, and she will walk you through the process.

Um what do you do if you want to get a update but the emails not there