Ukrainian translation


Hello GHG! Greetings from UaLT. Our team is making translations into ukrainian for games.
A few weeks ago Steam started working in ukrainian, so we just want to make your game officially translated.
Of course it’s absolutely free.


Me, @Deluxeman and some other guys work together in the Ukrainian localization team (UaLT). We always keep in touch and we, all of us, would really like to have a possibility to translate GDT into ukrainian. I am sure, that there will be more GDT players after ukrainian localization is released! Remember, Ukraine is one of the biggest countries in Europe!


It is the second big!


Actually the biggest country entirely within Europe.


Yeah, but European part of Russia is slightly bigger anyway.


Ten temat nie jest stosowany do tej gry :wink:
Chester powiedział że Ukraina jest jednym z największych krajów. Chce pan poprostu się dojebać do nas? :blush:


What Topic?
I Know what he said.



That would be great!!! Good luck guys! :smiley:


Yeah. Completely support this initiative, it’s gonna be great.


Cool! Such a wonderfull idea! I would really like to see ukrainian localisation!!!


Sounds good. It will be great!


Hey guys!

Many thanks for your consideration and interest :smile:
Do you have 2 moderators with previous translation experience? And enough people to submit translation suggestions?
If you do we would love to see a Ukrainian translation.


Hi !) Thanks for your reply! We do have 3 moderators. We know each other for a long time (we localize games together). How many people is “enough” to submit translation suggestions? How many translators do you need?


We need enough interest to create and maintain a high quality of suggestions. I have forwarded the request to start a Ukrainian translation to the devs and will update you when i have more information! :smile:


Thanx! We already have 6 people who can translate your game, but there will be more! They will join us as soon as other projects are completely localized. These are only people, who I know. I believe some other people will also help us, as we are looking for them on forums.


Hey, it’s me again) Sorry for bothering you, but I would like to know how long it usually takes you to start a new translation? I need to know, to tell my friends. Will it be ready this week? Thx!)


Ukrainian is now available here;

Please register and let me know the usernames of anyone who needs to be upgraded to moderator status :smile:


Moderators: Chester ( iChester on translation page ), Deluxeman, MrChicagogogo and LadyChicagogogo


have upgraded IChester. Let me know when you have the other moderators usernames on the translate site also :smile:


Vladislav Yushka (MrChicagogogo) and Inga Yushka (LadyChicagogogo) are already there