Ukrainian translation


Chicagogogo) & LadyChicagogogo have been upgraded to moderator :smile:


I would like to pay & play only if Ukrainian version is available.


We have already translated 32,9% percent of the game. Still need some time…


Hi! It’s me again.

Could you, please, upgrade Virake, Zorelit and Xray_StyleZ to moderators? We’re about to finish our translation in few weeks.



Heya, Upgraded as requested and please keep up the great work! :smile:


Wow, really great work!


Hi, Charlie!
We’ve already finished translating. When can we start testing what we’ve done so far ?)


Hey Chester, Sorry for the delay. We will update the game soon to include the Ukrainian beta for testing.
Can you please let us know who are the:
Top contributors

These are the names we will list in the credits. Please list the both the usernames of the translators and the names as they would like them to appear. As soon as we have that we will get the whole thing updated. Thank you and good job!


Oh wow i just looked at your profile and i saw you post “just now” sorry for being off-topic :stuck_out_tongue:


Should these nicknames be the same as in your translation system or can they differ? I mean… do you want me to write their nicknames as they appear in Weblate or it doesn’t matter what nickname they choose?



It would be great if you list them as forum name/translate name/preferred name for credits. And include which role they played in the project from:
Top contributors

Thank you.


Moderators: Chester (Oleksandr Shpalerchuk), Deluxeman (Stanislav Boiko), MrChicagogogo (Vladyslav Yushka)
Top contributors: Terkel (Vladyslav Tymofeievych), Virake (Arsenii Yavorskyi), Xray_StyleZ (Oleksandr Velychko)
QA: Zorelit (Roman Salomatin), Astra (Olha Toms), LadyChicagogogo (Inga Yushka), PTAmoyensis.


Thank you very much!