Turkish Translation


I think maybe you should instead write these on a separate document on your computer and then we can work on them when we have the translation document. I actually asked to work alone but I guess it can be a two man job since you are quite proficient in English. Though more men causes trouble in game translation as I have encountered in my previous work. I hope we get a positive answer so we can work on it ^^


guys, just wanted to say that we are currently not able to unlock translations but I see there’s a lot of activity here so maybe you can already start to elect a moderator among yourselves and once you have to elected I will try to unlock the language.


Or we can use Google Docs and add people (if they want to help!) to that document. No need to work alone on a project, although it seems very basic, there are a lot of strings to translate into Turkish. I hope we won’t endure the problems you experienced in your previous work but… yeah we can do it. Hell, at worst we could create a help document for our people who want to play this game but can’t pass the language barrier.


Thanks for the heads up, we’ll do that. If you can unlock it, it would be awesome.


I disagree. I think it’s important to have moderators who can control the final text and who can keep the style consistent.


True. I miswrote or rather underwrote. I was planning to do this in order to create a draft version of the translation document. Then… yes, as you have said, moderators will rewrite the document, create a consistent jargon and then present the finished document.


Well a google spreadsheet is a better way to see everything, but my previous translation didn’t have the context part that these guys have, which helps enormously. Only 2 people worked on NSS before me and they couldn’t manage to work as a team as they translated the same words differently in the translation. I had a hard time fixing those. I guess the two of us could be moderators and work on the suggestions together to make it a consistent translation. NSS was 2853 lines and it took only a week to translate.

@patrick you are correct that they should keep the style consistent, that’s why I said there shouldn’t be too many people working on it. But if the final decision is made by the same moderators then it’s quite alright :slight_smile:


We need some heavy play-testing before we are all set but as soon as they create the translation, we can get going. I guess people write suggestions first, and then the edited parts are confirmed by the moderators.


I, uh, sent a private message to you, Ege. If you want to start, let’s get going…


Alright I replied ^^


@patrick we have started the translation on a google spreadsheet. It is a bit hard to import the lines there but working with it is easier during the actual process. If you can create the Turkish translation when you have time, we can export the translated lines when they are done :slight_smile:


@PatrickKlug check your PM please.


I am very grateful to you guys for this project. Actually I’m very excited and looking forward :blush:


How can you reach the game’s text file? I can help too.


Other translations are open to public, you can reach them from their translation topics I think. However, I’ve stopped working on it until they create our translation file. They are using an app so I’m quite sure it isn’t too much work to do it, and with 2 qualified translators with past experience at award winning games, they are still not responding properly. At least indie companies should act better on this stuff. It’s a shame really…


I want to translate this game. I’m a Steam community translator. Like i said before, i was wondering if you could help me?


Sanırım Türk kullanıcılar olarak bu iş için toparlanmamızın vakti geldi.


Oha sandığımdan daha çok türk varmış :smiley:


Hi all,

My name is Anıl Özbek. I’m one of the members of KDE Turkish Localization Team. Also I’ve translated XMoto and SuperTuxKart. Apart from these I’ve made translation of a couple open source applications: Kdenlive, eViacam and some GIMP plugins… Currently I’m coordinating Turkish translations of Haiku operating system in my spare time.

In short, I can help to moderate Turkish translations. As far as I can see above there are others too who can be moderator for Turkish translation: @egesagin @ozgurcakmak

If these three names (me, @egesagin and @ozgurcakmak) OK for everyone please like this post. So we can complete the election process. And then developers can create a sub-project for Turkish language. Please let us know if you have another idea.

I’ve created a temporary project to start translating immediately. You can start to translate Turkish already from here or wait for an official one.

Game Dev Tycoon is a text-heavy game. It would be great to have Turkish support in the game. And as you can see community is ready to accomplish this. Please create a Turkish sub-project in translate.greenheartgames.com.

I also have some questions for developers:

  • Is localization already supported or will be implemented in later versions?
  • Is there any way to use a translation unofficially? This can speed up the testing process. It will be good for impatient players too.
  • Isn’t it better to name Portable Object Template (.pot) as gamedevtycoon.pot instead of en-US.pot?
  • Why 8859-1 character encoding selected for en-US.pot. I didn’t notice it at first, and then it was causing troubles in Turkish translation. What is your reason for not using UTF-8 here?
  • en-US.pot has some dublicated items. Is this normal? msgfmt says fatal error. And Transifex does not accept it. For workaround I added {bunlarısilsonra} dummy text to dublicated items. Then I will remove them manually.


@maidis @egesagin @ozgurcakmak

Hey Guys,

We are sorry for the delay, We have merged the last changes and are ready to open more languages if you are ready?

Let me know and we can get a Turkish page set up and elect the names above as moderators.