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We can translate your game, will you create Turkish language ?

Turkish Language Translation
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As mentioned elsewhere as well, we will need at least one (better two) experienced moderators for a language before we can start a translation project.


I can help you my friend.I have not experience but ─▒ am studying Engineering in English.I think we can do it !


I can help you, too.


Hell. Yes. I donÔÇÖt know how many people are interested in the ÔÇťbad old daysÔÇŁ of the video games in Turkey, but anyone who is but donÔÇÖt have mastery over English should also take a gander to this little ditty. Great idea, neat execution and I would be glad to help you.


@PatrickKlug Hi,

IÔÇÖve read on your website that you may have the game translated, but it would take some time. My name is Ege Sa─č─▒n. I am 23 years old, studying to become an English teacher and I have worked as a professional translator between Turkish and English for mostly medical articles and books but also I have translated the BAFTA winning New Star Soccer to Turkish and I am still working on it as Simon updates the game.

I also am the founder of one of TurkeyÔÇÖs biggest YouTube gaming channels, which is soon to become a separate website, and I support indie games and have a strong no-piracy policy which I try to have my subscribers embrace. You can check out my channel here if you want, though all the content is in Turkish: http://www.youtube.com/user/nileppezdel87

If you want your game to be translated into Turkish, please contact me as I would love to work on it if it is within my capabilities. Due to the nature of the Turkish language, syntax becomes a huge issue during video game translations but I overcame those problems in the translation of NSS. I would also publicize your game in Turkey, and as children here really want and love video games with Turkish language support, I think it would help them.

PS: I wouldnÔÇÖt ask for money either, just a few keys to give away to children would be fine. IÔÇÖm studying game design on my own, from various books and I know what a hard time you have.

Thanks for a great game, please contact me in the future.

Best wishes,

Ege Sa─č─▒n


First of all, I would like to congratulate for the amazing work on the game, as a rookie computer engineer, I found inspiration.
I will gladly contribute to translation as well, I am potent with both languages, have an international certificate which relied heavily on English and have a Youtube channel which is fully English.
Thank you


LetÔÇÖs start this then, if the developers give green light we would have a place to get the already translated stuff:
Skip Tutorials:
Hello there! It seems that you have already played before. You can get right into development and skip the tutorial messages. Note that you can always review tutorial messages (even the ones you have skipped) in the Help menu while you play a game
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├ľ─čreticileri ge├ž:
Merhaba! Daha ├Ânce bu oyunu oynam─▒┼čs─▒n─▒z gibi g├Âr├╝n├╝yor. ├ľ─čretici mesajlar─▒n─▒ ge├žerek hemen oyun geli┼čtirimine ba┼člayabilirsiniz. E─čer mesajlar─▒ ge├žmeyi tercih ederseniz daha sonra oyunu oynarken bu mesajlar─▒ (ge├žtikleriniz dahil olmak ├╝zere) Yard─▒m men├╝s├╝nden tekrar okuyabilirsiniz.
[├ľ─čreticiyi Ge├ž]



Welcome to Game Dev Tycoon!
In this business simulation you have been transported back in time to start your very own game development company right at the beginning of PC revolution. In the next 30 years you can build your dream company, create best selling games, gain fans and become the leader of the market.


Game Dev TycoonÔÇÖa ho┼čgeldiniz!
Bu ┼čirket sim├╝lasyonunda PC devriminin ba┼č─▒nda kendi oyun firman─▒z─▒ kurmak i├žin zamanda geri g├Ât├╝r├╝ld├╝n├╝z.Gelecek 30 y─▒lda kendi r├╝ya fiman─▒z─▒ kurup, ├žok satan oyunlar yarat─▒p, fanlar kazanarak pazar─▒n lideri olabilirsiniz.



Before you can start your adventure you have to give your upcoming company a name.



Maceran─▒za ba┼člamadan ├Ânce yeni firman─▒za bir isim vermelisiniz



Company Details

Company Name
[Company Name]

Player Name
[Player Name]



┼×irket ─░smi
[┼×irket ─░smi]

Oyuncu Ad─▒
[Oyuncu Ad─▒]





If you ever want to review the tutorial messages then you can do so in the Help menu. To access the Help menu and other features such as saving, loading and creating a game simply press ESC to access the main menu



E─čer ├Â─čretici mesajlar─▒n─▒ tekrardan g├Âzden ge├žirmek isterseniz bunu Yard─▒m men├╝s├╝nden yapabilirsiniz. Yard─▒m men├╝s├╝ ve oyunu kaydetme, y├╝kleme ve yeni bir oyun yaratma gibi di─čer ├Âzelliklere eri┼čmek i├žin ESCÔÇÖye bas─▒nca gelen ana men├╝y├╝ kullanabilirsiniz.




YouÔÇÖve just started your very own game development company!
At the moment your office is in a garage and you are the only employee but donÔÇÖt worry, many successful businesses have started out this way!



Kendi oyun firman─▒z─▒ kurmay─▒ ba┼čard─▒n─▒z!
An itibariyle ofisiniz bir garajda ve tek ├žal─▒┼čan sizsiniz ama endi┼čelenmeyin, bir├žok ba┼čar─▒l─▒ ┼čirket bu ┼čekilde ba┼člad─▒!




LetÔÇÖs start developing your first game.
Close this message and click anywhere on the screen to bring up the action menu.


─░lk oyununuzu geli┼čtirmeye ba┼člayal─▒m.
Bu mesaj─▒ kapatt─▒ktan sonra ekranda herhangi bir yere t─▒klayarak eylem men├╝s├╝n├╝ g├Âsterin.


Develop New GameÔÇŽ

Yeni Oyun Geli┼čtir



Before development can begin you have to decide what kind of game you want to create and give your game a name.
You can also select which graphic technology your game should use

Geli┼čtirme ba┼člamadan ├Ânce nas─▒l bir oyun yaratmak istedi─činize karar vermeniz ve oyununuza bir isim vermeniz gerekiyor.
Oyununuzun hangi grafik teknolojisini kullanaca─č─▒n─▒ da se├žebilirsiniz



Your options are initially limited but once you have a bit of experience you will be able to unlock new options.



Bu a┼čamada se├ženekleriniz olduk├ža s─▒n─▒rl─▒yken biraz deneyim kazand─▒─č─▒n─▒zda yeni se├ženekleri a├žabileceksiniz.



Game Concept
[Game #1] (Game Name)
Pick Topic
Pick Genre
Pick Platform

Oyun Tasar─▒s─▒
[Oyun #1] (Oyunun Ad─▒)
Konu se├žin
T├╝r Se├žin
Platform Se├žin






  • Action
  • Adventure
  • RPG
  • Simulation
  • Strategy


  • ├çarp─▒┼čma/Aksiyon (Daha iyi bir ├ževiri olabilirÔÇŽ)
  • Macera
  • RYO (Rol Yapma Oyunu)
  • Sim├╝lasyon
  • Strateji