Translation into Spanish


I would like to know if someone is working for a version in Spanish? and ps if you could help with anything I could pass the link of the project


added the team there so far:

Mods: @Julian_Cardenas ilFer & @Julian_Cardenas

Translators: @YOMISMO, @kaicos, @ajff05, @qazser, @Arensivia, @70S, @iddeen and team, @AlexVixgeck, @ Francisco_A and @ e_roch

correct me if I’m missing any



I’m interested in the Spanish Translation too. I can help with that (I have worked on translations of other games, but never in an official way).

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This Game is awesome, but playing in my native language would be Great. If need Help I can collaborate.

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Hi, I’m a Spanish translator and I would be delighted by helping to translate this wonderful game. How could I collaborate?

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Hi, I’d love to help with the translation of the game as well. I have extensive videogame experience, as well as videogame translation experience.

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Yo no soy traductor, pero me gustaría que el juego estuviera en español, para poder jugar adecuadamente. Ya esta comprado!, y animo!


hello I would like to collaborate in the translation of the game, I am translator websites.

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Hi, I’m a Spanish speaker from Venezuela. I’d love to help in translating this unique game into Spanish. I have always loved videogames so I’m aware of the history of this entertainment field.
I also just got my undergraduate degree in Modern Languages so I’ve got formal preparation when it comes to translating, although, I have yet no experience in this particular field.
I need to add that I love simulation, strategy and management games such as: Game Dev Story and other Kairosoft games. So, I’m pretty excited in taking part in such a wonderful game as it is yours. Hoping to become formal moderator in the Spanish translation of Game Dev Tycoon.! :slight_smile:

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My name is Fabian, and I want to contribute to the spanish translation cause I love this game, I admire how 2 indies made such a great game.
Some years ago, I helped translating a browsergame it from german to spanish.

To complete the answer above me, spanish is not equal to spanish. Most aplications with dedicated translation have spanish (Spain) and spanish (Latin America), I propose to separate the languages cause it’s incredible how people from spain “hates” Latin Spanish and vice versa. There are many topics over the internet, discussing it…ending mostly in strong language.

To the comment above me: No tengo nada contra el Español latino, no es mi intención crear un tema de “Que variante es más bonita”, de esas hay suficiente en toda internet, pero yo mismo he visto muchísimas peleas. Crear 2 variaciones con sus diferencias en el lenguaje hará que cada uno disfrute mejor del contenido, esa es mi opinión. Yo he visto muchos mensajes en foros latinoamericanos expresando su disgusto de que X juego solo ha salido en español (España), y en España igual.

Un Saludo.
Best Regards.


I would love to help traslate this game to spanish.

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in that if you’re right, this is an eternal fight and that no one would like as pronounced in their language XD so it would be a good idea to separate them by Castilian and Latin American Spanish

I see there are various people who want to contribute to the cause of the translation but no moderator staff and sposible we respond if or not ¬ ¬


I could help you to translate the game. It would be fine!

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I volunteer as moderator.

And I always thought that the separation of the Spanish of Spain and Latin American Spanish is stupid, but it is true that there is usually always fights on the subject. Better translate separately.

I’m from Spain.


I’ll translate the game into Spanish from Spain

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I would love to be a moderator, but I haven’t any time between my full time work and mantaining my own comunity.
Being a contributor I’m fine ^^

I know it’s stupid but in lating game blogs like lagzero every time a game comes with a latin translation, an not only a (spain) spanish one, they dedicate more intentions in the review and give them a better argument, so, even if it isn’t much diference translating, if it helps the game to get better known having better reviews…Latin America is a big continent.

Finally I just want to say, @Julian_Cardenas: be patient, there are so many threads actually on the forum…It’s just normal, but I hope we can begin soon.

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We want this game in spanish D:

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Como se comenta por arriba, seria genial que la traducción se hiciera en español de España y en español Latino.

Sinceramente, hay muchas peleas, y la verdad es que seria lo idóneo, para que cada uno pueda disfrutarlo como debe.


Alex here! I’ve registered an account at, and eager to start translating the game into spanish!

yeah, a spain spanish and a hispan-american style would be great, though any spanish would be good enough for anyone here to get it.

I hereby offer my services as tranlator aswell, since english is my second and spanish my mother language

Before we can open the Spanish translation we would need two moderators elected. Both require prior experience with translation, if possible. Just let me know as soon as you have two capable moderators and I will try to unlock the translation.

Thanks for your support and help!