Translate Game dev Tycoon to Arabic


Hey Guys,

Sorry for the delay over Christmas :christmas_tree:
We are currently working on arabic preparations and will let you know when its up and running.

Good job and well done all :clap:


@Charlie Thank you, but please don’t forget that Arabic is a RTL Language, Thank you again .




sorry for the delay. we are still working to resolve some major issues with RTL languages in the game. Arabic is the first RTL language that is completed. No ETA yet but we are working on it. We will keep you updated.


Thanks for all work you do.

we apologies yours work and support… and we know it’s difficult but you can do it.



Hey guys, Just an update to let you guys know we haven’t forgotten you and are still working on implementing RTL. :smile:

Also we need to know which category people fit into from Moderators, Top contributors and quality assurance.
Milany - Moderators

Also please let us know if any other people need to be added to the credits.


Sorry for the delay but we had to change a lot to get right to left languages supported. I hope it is correct now.
Unfortunately I can’t verify that easily (unable to read it :slight_smile: )
But the translation beta version is integrated now in the steam version (Linux, Mac and Windows).
Please have a look at it and tell me if it is any good. :slight_smile:

And we will need you to let us know if you would like to be listed in the credits and which category you fit into from Moderators, Top contributors and quality assurance.


Hi, thank you for your really awesome efforts for implementing the long waited translation . Everything is cool right now, except for one thing, the text in the dialogue menu, is not shown correctly :

And for the credits, it will be okay right now, if we don’t list them, we still thinking about it .

Thank you again :blush:


What do you mean with not correctly shown? Is the direction wrong or something else?
Maybe you could post the correct text please?


As you see in the earlier screenshot, the letters are not connected in the dialogue window. but they are in the main menu .

For example, it is written like this : ش ك ر ا, while it is actually : شكرا .


Thanks a lot. No it’s clear what the problem is.


Fixed the typewriter animation and should be correct with version 1.4.9 on steam.


That’s great ! Thank you very much ! Best regards .


i’ve tried Arabic translation and i noticed that most of it not understandable or bad translation.
the follow is my feedback in arabic also.

أنا لاحظت مشاكل كثيرة بالنحو، و بعلامات الترقيم و أشياء يجب تغيرها في الترجمة من الأنجلش إلى العربية و خلافة، أتمني أن يتم أصلاح هذا بأقرب وقت.


Hello @DanielKlug, I noticed that some strings are being added over and over, even after been translated, is there any problem with them ?

Also, can we translate the mods ?
If yes, then how ?

Thank you .


where the link of translate