Translate Game dev Tycoon to Arabic


So far just you! :smile:


Just one, i thought Saud_ Abuhaimed is with me. Anyway i can do it with a help of my friends (translators).



How are you @Charlie? hope you fine.

I’ve translated many of the sentences and I own some simple experiments previously …

this is my account on translate site.

I have free time and I can do help with other friends.

i want to Upgrade me .



Hello , i came cross this topic and just wanted you guys to know in order for the arabic words to works the game needs to support complix charset , also words direction need to be right to left , and last the game support unicode :slight_smile: , you guys probably know all this but i want to help with what i know :slight_smile: , good luck folks


Hello again.

@Charlie and @PatrickKlug

after 3 weeks or 21 days the translators of Arabic project are too slow and don’t make a good work.

we want to do help but we can’t.
at we make a group to write any update of the project, and we say the translators are too slow.

we should request from the developer of game to add new translator to the project to make the machine work again.

I know all the expressions of the game, and have spent at least 40 hours between Steam and Windows.
and have a good experience in translation, I can help.

and I request from you to upgrade me to translator.

My account.



Really “milany” good interpreter and a full-time also I transpire milany


Upgraded @milany :smile:


Thanks @Charlie .

will work well god willing.


thank you for that

he has done very good job


hey , can be a translator please . i have almost a good English …

i can translate and i’m willing to help with this project …

i really want to help,

i hope you will accept


Hello, I do apologies for not working on the project these past weeks, I was busy but now I got all the time I need to be helping, I will be working on it alot now hoping we can accomplish what we started


Hey, Thanks for offering to help!

You just need to sign up here and start adding suggestions.


hi guys sorry because i forget about it can you charli upraged me and thx


we can’t access


Sorry about that. Site is back up now!




we’re done


what is next?



We finished the job.

thanks for anyone how give us a help.

we excited to see Arabic translation on next update, and as fast you can ^^

thanks @Charlie.


@Charlie Thank you for giving us the opportunity, and thank you to all who helped and supported us .
But, will you change the encoding for the Arabic file ?
And can we translate the mods ?


Q : when are we going to see the Arabic update ??