Translate Game dev Tycoon to Arabic

Hi Can i translate Game dev Tycoon to Arabic
i invite some of my frind to play the game and they canoot play because they are not so good in english
so Can i translate the game to Arabic?

Do you have any translations experience? In order to start a translation we need translation moderators with previous experience and enough interest to warrant a translation.
Please search the forums to check if there any others who wish to start or have started an arabic translation.

i can make arabic translation in less than 2 week
i guess no one else
so please can i make the translation

So what is your reply

I would help with it

and my team of 4

with hamza we are 5

i can help too! just give us the greenlight

Actually i am already workin’ as a translator with a bachelor degree in English and almost 10 yrs of experience. On the same hand planing to purchase the game in the near future. So, I am ready to work on the translation.

P.S: Already working on the translation of WeChat, although the app is not installed on my BB Z10.

we asking to translate it into arabic and there 6 people ready to translate then what are you waiting for ?

**Hello to all. **

We hope you add Arabic to the game. I Support game on windows store… then add a “Yes” Vote on steam Green Light.

then buy it on steam, We well waiting you to Support Arabic in the great game.

I think the game after Apply Arabic well buy very good in Middle East.

Are you know how number of countries are use Arabic language officially?

Standard Arabic is an official language of 27 Countries, the third most after English and French.*
*Source :

**Peace. **

Abdulaziz from Saudi Arabia.

we all hope you allow us to play this game in Arabic

and there is a lots of people will buy any game in Arabic since the community support any Arabic game

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At the moment we are very busy with the Steam release and all that it involves.

As soon as the German and Spanish Translations have been implemented we will unlock the next batch.
Please have patience. :green_heart:


I love you, O Developers

The game was purchased

Waiting for the game in Arabic

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Hey Guys,

We are sorry for the delay, We have merged the last changes and are ready to open more languages if you are ready?

@Saud_Abuhaimed Please register on and let me know when you have and i will upgrade you to moderator status.

Also which Arabic Language do you wish to work on?

And which countries will it be understood in?

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thank you guys

for which Arabic Language do you wish to work on?

probably Arabic (Saudi Arabia) and they will us the formal language which used by every Arabic Person

I can help in texts translate :slight_smile:

For AR-SA please refer to this thread;

I can help you with Arabic translation, i have also a bachelor degree in English translation.
I am offering my free time to translate this wonderful game, if you want of course. Let me now if you accept me in the translation team English to Arabic.

Great news! have you registered here ?
Before you get too involved we do need to check about the Right to Left Reading as so far AR-SA is the only language with that requirement and we are not sure if its feasible to adjust this.
If you have any ideas on this please let us know.

i registered to
about the AR-SA its ok, but if you can change it to AR only it would be better, anyway its the same language like EN-US or EN-GB. I am ready to do the Arabic translation for you.

Ok have upgraded you!

Thats great, so we are two moderators until now? We can do if of course.