Traduzione Italiana errore

Le finestre che parlano dei giochi popolari al momento dicono “NON vi è una chiara tendenza verso…”, ma in alto mi compare che il genere popolare è quello citato nella finestra di dialogo precedente. Quindi a quale devo dare retta?

This is an English forum, so please provide some form of translation

The windows that speak of the popular games at the time they say “NO there is a clear trend towards …”, but at the top appears to me that the popular genre is the one mentioned in the previous dialog box. So what should I pay attention?

Google translates a little rough but this is what he/she is saying

Prestare sempre attenzione sulle cose popolari in alto a destra :wink:
Anche la prossima volta utilizzare Google Translator poiché la maggior parte delle persone non può parlare italiano.

Translate from what i wrote:
Always pay attention on the Popular Things on Top Right :wink:
Also next time use Google Translator since most people can’t speak Italian.

Rules of a grammar - If you don’t know If its He Or She, use IT.

No. In real grammar if you do not know the gender of a person you say HE. If you use it then you are saying you don’t even know if this person is human or some other object. There is only HE and SHE in grammar for the gender of a person. IT is a word not a gender. Thank you.

Oh really? in my Region IT is our Real Grammar. My bad.

If you don’t know if it’s he or she , you can just outright say “he or she” :joy:

In addition to other things, you can also say “him/her” or “one.”

I usually don’t care about this crap, but the forum is quiet, so why not.

In standard English, ‘he’ is the pronoun for gender ambiguity, originally, this comes from Latin using male gender pronouns in place of gender neutrality. (or a Latin-based language, I forget when exactly this was started, but I know it was from Latin)

Really neither of us are completely wrong. He can be used, but I try to avoid using just he or just she because people sometimes take it the wrong way.

Yeah, I don’t because its just a standard of the language, and if someone gets offended by it, they have one of two problems from me. One, they are too easy to offend for me to care, or two, they didn’t properly explain who they were in a way that doesn’t make it easy to offend them. (plus the only women online I’ve met that actually get offended by using ‘he’ gender neutrally usually end up being people you don’t really want to know)

Well, all the literature books I have read suggest using he or she or one anyways. During a time of transgender controversies and gender identification, I tend to just try and avoid any unnecessary conflict that can be caused by a simple “he.”

Like I said, the only reason I talk about this now is because the forum is quiet.

Yeah, if the forums weren’t so dead, this wouldn’t be a discussion. In any case, I use it more of a test to see who can stand me in the first place, as I’m very conservative and I don’t hold back my thoughts to anyone, so if people don’t like it, they’ll likely only cause problems around me.

Gotcha. It’s cool this stayed civil. You never know with some people… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi there!

Wish it was as easy for me to respond in italian as it is to read it, so I hope you don’t mind my reply being in english. :slight_smile:

Though we don’t have an official feedback thread, I feel this one has derailed a bit, so I’m closing it for now, perhaps it would be best if you added your feedback on the official Italian Translation topic!

Thanks for your help, @IAmTheLegend :smiley: