Italian Translation


When will begin work for ITALIAN language.
I want to make it and whit help of cmmunity.
Thankx for this great game!

Traduzione Italiana errore

I can help with Italian translation if needed.

I have a very good knowledge of both the English and Italian language. Feel free to contact me for any help.


This game is great, I love it!

I can help too with the Italian translation of the game (I already did a translation for TorchLeech )


I love this game, it’s incredible and exciting!

Thank you GreenHeart Games! Independent software house like you must be supported.

So, i can help me too with the Italian translation, I’m a programmer with good knowledge of English and obviously Italian language.

I’ll be very happy if we could start with this project.

Thank you!


hi, i am in a group who help indie developers translating their game into our native language, we can help translating many languages.
i’d like if you would add more language, like italian, spanish ecc.
we do it for free so if you want to know more go here:


Hi! Tnx for this great game! Please let us translate in Italian! :wink:


I would like to help with the translation English-Italian.
I am a newbie in web development but I have a good knowledge of English language and I know the game well enough (Completed once, bankrupted twice and currently going for another playthrough :blush:)
Thanks for the beautiful game and good luck :wink:

May The Code be with you :v:


I’m in as well! Ci sono anche io! :smile:


up, we want italian translation


Se nessuno si offre come moderatore/amministratore della traduzione dubito che attivino la pagina, ho notato la stessa cosa per altre lingue. Uno di noi deve prendersi la briga di diventare moderatore e controllare/approvare/modificare le stringhe tradotte. Io non ho moltissimo tempo per farlo. Posso aiutare con la traduzione ma non posso moderare tutti i giorni. Cerchiamo di aiutarci tutti a vicenda. :wink:


Ovvero si tratterebbe di coordinare/amministrare il progetto di traduzione? Io potrei avere il tempo.


Esattamente! In pratica il compito del coordinatore è quello di approvare la traduzione delle varie stringhe effettuate dai membri del proprio team di traduzione. Io in questo periodo sono impegnato nella realizzazione di un sito di ecommerce per un cliente e non ho tempo per amministrare qui. Posso comunque contribuire molto volentieri con la traduzione.


I could become a italian language translation moderator. I have translated the OMSI Bus Simulator to italian language ( Could you please add the italian language to the translate app?

Thank you.



Ciao ragazzi, mi aggiungo anch’io al gruppo! Questo gioco è assolutamente da tradurre! Ragazzi se volete mi propongo anch’io come moderator. Sono nel campo della traduzione. Il mio sito è


Come mai la lingua Italiana non è stata ancora aggiunta? Ho inviato un email a greenheartgames


Hi @PatrickKlug, we finally have a moderator! We have what it takes to perform the translation? Thank you!


we need at least two competent moderators with prior experience. please compile the info about the moderators in one post and then tag me.


@andyrinaldi @vitodipinto ci siamo! Presentatevi a Patrick e attiverà la pagina di traduzione! :wink:


Dear @PatrickKlug .
I am Vito Dipinto, I would like you to consider my application for the role of moderator for the Italian translation team of Game Dev Tycoon.
I am a freelance English to Italian video game translator based in Italy. I have in-depth knowledge of the process of content’s culturalisation of video games and video game localisation best practices. When working on a video game localisation project, I am able to apply translation techniques and procedures that contribute to create an Italian translation that maintains the ‘fun factor’ of the original video game.
I possess a Bachelor degree in foreign languages and a Master’s degree in Translation Studies from the University of Birmingham. In March 2013, I launched my freelance translation business. In addition, I am attending an MSc in Multilingual Computing and Localisation (distance learning) organised by the University of Limerick (IE).
I can assure I will follow the translation guide lines you posted on The Italian translation team and I will try to give you a high quality translation that will be not only legible but meaningful for the Italian players. In order to do so, I will make sure that the final translation is checked for grammar, spelling, punctuation, accuracy, consistency to a shared glossary and adherence to any reference materials. In addition, I will extremely careful not to delete any special characters contained in the in-game assets.
You can find more information about me on:
Please let me know if we can provide you with any additional information.
Vito Dipinto


Hi @PatrickKlug,
I have been working as web developer, database and system administrator, I’m 42 years old and I’m playing videogames during 30 years .
I’m living in Spain but I’m italian mother tongue and I have experience translating from english to spanish and italian. I translated the OMSI bus simulator from english to italian language.
I would apply as moderator in the italian translation project or collaborate on translating the “game dev tycoon”.
I hope hear you soon.
Thank you.
Andrea Rinaldi