This is not fair! Please help!


I’m not a multimillionaire so stuff like this is expensive.
I only get £10 every 2 weeks!


So why are you blaming it on them?

It’s not their fault 1 in a WHATEVER NUMBER people gets their library bugged.


dude, millions use steam, 1 in 1000 is a lot considering how big steam is!


Well I don’t know the numbers? I’m not in Valve? I just chose a random number? Maybe you should’ve thought about that, huh?

Oh, also, I only get £15 in a month.


Whats “Valve”?


You’re not the brightest are you…


I’m Sorry, i don’t sit at my computer all day telling people how they should live their lives!

Also, I know what steam is, so don’t message me about content I already know of.


what should @today do?
[intervene and risk a ban]
[go to sleep]
eh, I’ll go to sleep


Is that supposed to be an insult? Well, don’t mind me while I sit on my ass all day lecturing people on what softwares they use in their lives and who owns them. Because THAT’S what I do with my life. YEAH. VERY TRUE. UHUH.

Someone deal with this.


at least i’ve got a life.
I play county Rugby.


I just told you what Valve is because you didn’t know. It’s supposed to be a joke. And now here you are telling me to get a bloody life. Maybe try to think before you post. Now get on topic and stop fumbling around.



well I play county Water polo


I’m Sorry, Okay
i’m not trying to get on the bad side of people, it’s just if someone pee’s me off i’m gonna do it back.
That’s just how I work.


Have you ever played Rugby?


wasn’t Water polo designed as some kind of water rugby?
other than that, no


No, Rugby is a rough contact sport that involves very rough contact and lot’s of bloody injuries.
water polo is pretty much football (soccer) but using hands and you’re in water.


i’ve gtg, see ya later


[Side with WaveJones] [Side with HarriMakesMods]

Chloe (The girl on the right) = HarriMakesMods
David (The creepy guy on the left) = WaveJones

Good luck


Well that’s not fair! You make Harri the attractive one and Wave the unattractive one! Who says Harri looks better than Wave, huh?


The girl’s hair is blue, HarriMakesMods has alot if blue in his/her profile pic.