This is not fair! Please help!

I paid £6.99 for game dev tycoon on my laptop, and now that i’ve got my new desktop computer it’s asked me to pay again for it!

I also used the same account on steam!

This is why i don’t use steam anymore, i love the game but now i cant play it because of steam.

Help me please.

How is that possible? You DID download it from steam, right? You should be able to download it again since it is registered to your account.

Also, :police_car: Category Police :police_car:

Yeh, I downloaded it from steam.
I don’t know what happened.

Sounds like a issue for steam. Unless you bought from the website, I’m not sure if ghg can do much, although don’t count me on that. Try contacting steam as well

Did you uninstall the game from your laptop? I had the same thing with Sonic Generations on Steam, but that was another account. My father deleted the game from my laptop and i could download it on my desktop, maybe there is only 1 copy of the game if you buy it 1 time.

I think i’ll try and do that actually.

No I didn’t, it broke, so i couldn’t do any thing with it!

Like @Rex0099 said, try contacting the Steam Support.

It seems like only GabeN can save your copy of GDT now.

Who’s GabeN?

Our lord. Basicly he is the boss of Valve, Valve made Steam.

Oh, okay

If you don’t hail gaben that’s what happens.

Anywaywayway, if you have it on your account on Steam and you activated the game, then you should be able to download it again from the same account.

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How do I do that?

Log in to your Steam account on which Game Dev Tycoon is registered and download it from your library. Simple as that.

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it sais it’s not on my library

Where does it say that?
How did you get the game, directly from Steam store, or ghg store?
If from the GHG store then you need the serial key that should be in sent in a mail to your e-mail

You did have the game on Steam? If so, then you must not be on the right account.

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Hey, have you ever played Game Dev Tycoon on Steam before?

Yes, that’s how I payed, but they’re trying to rip me off!

Really? Oh yeah, 10 dollars minus sharing, that’s a huge difference in a company as big as Valve. It’s probably a bug, and not something that they did intentionally.