Steam Overlay causes massive load

If Steam overlay is opened ingame, the screen does a massive load.

My specs:

PhenomII 1075T@3.5GhZ
2x4GB Corsair DDR3@~1555MhZ
1xSSD (startupdisk+GDT is installed here), 2xHDD
Asus Matrix GTX580
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1+Updates.

Having the same problem on my MacBook Pro (mid 2010).

For me the bug only seems to happen when the Steam overlay is open and an in game dialogue appears in the background, the whole window then freezes for for 30 seconds or so. :slight_smile:

I have a similar issue. I run on a fairly crappy old Toshiba laptop, but it typically runs Game Dev Tycoon just fine. I recently downloaded and started playing the Steam version, and the game freezes up whenever I open the Steam overlay (the Steam overlay freezes too). I haven’t bothered to sit and wait to see if it unfreezes, as it is already like that for a few minutes. I have just gone to Task Manager and closed Game Dev Tycoon and restarted it

I am also having this same issue. Until the problem has been resolved if you go into your game library, right click on the game dev tycoon entry and select Properties and uncheck the option “Enable Steam Community In-Game” this issue will be resolved.

TLDR Version: Steam Library > Right Click on Game Dev Tycoon > Click Properties > Uncheck Enable Steam Community In-Game.

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yeah i’ve ran into that as well but it happens to me when i press the shift key and pressing the E button at same time but it’s only happened twice at the moment

Add me to the list. Overlay freezes for me too. I’m using a fairly old laptop from 2009 as well, though it can run the game just fine.

Same issue. Specs don’t seem to matter, as hardware isn’t causing the issue. If a good computer like yours is lagging, and a crappy computer like mine is too, then something is terribly wrong.

We have published an update. It should fix this issue.

Hey Patrick! Sorry to bug you, but we are having the same issue with our game ( when using the Steam overlay. Could you possibly let me know what the jist of the issue was? I can’t get into the debugger or anything while it is happening, or if I can, it resolves itself after a second.


for us the problem was that the overlay seemed to rely on a frequent frame refresh rate (which is normal for most games) but since we are a html/js game we stopped refreshing the screen when a in-game window was open and that caused the overlay to be completely unresponsive.

we worked around this issue by keeping our drawloop (at least part of it) active while in-game windows are open. this way the steam overlay processed inputs normally.

good luck and let me know if that helped.

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Thanks so much, Patrick! That is hopefully useful information. I’m guessing something in our framework is probably stopping the draw loop depending on window focus. Will investigate!

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