[REVIEW] Sims 3 vs Sims 4

As the title says…

Well my Gaming Laptop can handle Sims 3/Sims 4
Also Sims 3 is wayyyy cooler than 4. amirite? :smiley:

Also Sims 3 makes my Laptop laggy thanks to open world. In Sims 4. Well no lag.

There review it and get out and smell the flowers. :slight_smile:

Sims 3 - good
Sims 4 - good

Sims 2 - good
Sims - good

WHAT?! How dare you! The Sims 4 fell so short of the glory that is the past Sims. Just look at this list of things that the past Sims’ had but The Sims 4 doesn’t. Even worse! They have the audacity to charge $70 - $100 bucks for this?!

I have been with Sims since THE Sims (the first one). Each had things the others didn’t, but it still felt like they were evolving… Until Sims 4…


The Sims (the first one): 8/10
I didn’t play this one as much as the others, but this title still holds it’s own. Paving the way for one of my favorite games ever, The Sims was a one-of-a-kind!

A lot of people consider this to be the best Sims, but I think other Sims’ improved in ways that The Sims (the first one) couldn’t fully match.

The Sims 2: 8/10
The leap from The Sims to The Sims 2 was the most substantial leap in the series, improving upon almost everything in the game as well as adding plenty new features and customizations. There were a few flaws with the A.I. and the loading screen were ridiculously long… Nonetheless, this games brings back some of the best of my gaming experiences. :smile:

You may be asking yourself “If the leap from The Sims to The Sims 2 was so big, why did you rate them the same?”. The reason for this is that: The Sims 2 DID add lots of features, but because of this there were a decent amount of frustrating bugs and long load times.

The Sims 3: 9/10
The Sims 3 is the best of the best, the le meilleur du meilleur, the Chuck Norris of simulation games. This game perfected almost every missing and/or broken aspects of the past games with customization being stupendous. All this makes, what I think is, the best Life/Simulation game out there.

It would of been a 10/10, but the base game does lack some variety. Even then, the expansion packs are SO WORTH IT, adding completely new features, furniture, clothing, hair styles, jobs, skills, time periods and countries! It is also moddable, making for an absurd amount of extra gameplay. :smiley:

The Sims 4: Will not be rated. I am doing the best to block this from my memory and will no longer allow this… Thing… anymore of my frustration and disappointment.

I don’t care.
I’ve enjoyed them.

I thought the same at the beginning tho.

Thought The Sims 4 has made me to customize my sim more other than the three games so

The sims 4: best in the series (for me)
No lags wins rather than open world but crash even on loading screen

What is wrong with the world?!.. I refuse to believe you have played any of the Sims games. For sanity’s sake, I absolutely refuse!! :rage: :triumph: :sob:

They didn’t even have a color wheel in The Sims 4! Just read this and I DARE YOU to try and tell me that The Sims 4 has more customization.

If any of you have ever been confused as to what the word “devolve” means, I’m sure this will solve your problem.

Nobody messes with my Sims (except EA/Maxis when they created Sims 4). NO ONE! :rage:

I can use a mediocre PC and play on normal to high settings and still have no problems running The Sims 3. The Sims 4 has loading screens around every corner, ruining any immersion the game will get. It’s basically a weird looking Sims 2 with less features.

We just like The Sims 4. You can’t change it.

I didn’t say that it’s any better than any other (well, I do now. I would play TS4 more than the first one), it’s just good enough for me to enjoy it.

And I did play all of the games in series.

Wow I never believe I get this much hate (but I Already knew it)

But its my own goddamn opinion, you cannot change it unless you give me some green stuff

Jesus. Ur flaming the topic for 1 such reason!!!

This happens with every bloody topic on this forum.

And jesus christ do you even know what


(No you don’t, don’t be daft.) Don’t use words you don’t understand, especially when you’re reprimanding someone.

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So you can give your opinion, but then I get hate for giving my opinion? I wasn’t really trying to change your mind, I was just confuzzeld (confused) as to why you like TS4 more. Also, there is no need for language.

Let me just be forth right and say that I am a VERY SARCASTIC person. I wasn’t mad, I was just confused for your reasons… Like I said, I’m very sarcastic.

I’m sorry, but TS4 hit me hard. :sob:

Do you even know what flaming is?

Thank you. :smile:

not from meh


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Nah, we cool bruh. :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The sims 3 wins alot more things

Wait for moar DLCs…

I love The Sims 3 more than The Sims 4


Well, being a console peasant that i am, i’ve never played either games, but seeing all the reviews, and let’s plays of it, i can conclude that The Sims 4, while disappointing, is decent. I’ve seen the ‘emotion’ system at work, and gotta say, the create-a-sim seems awesome. My only complaint is that there is NO COLOUR WHEEL. I mean, seriously? Are you telling me that even with no open world to explore and with the game being the loadscreenfest that it is, it still “can’t handle” the concept of choosing more than 20 colours? Even a 256-colour pallette (palette? pallete?) would be great, but no, “We are cutting this because of performance issues” says Electronic Farts. But i think i’m just jumping the gun here, i have no rights to say this seeing that i have no experience in computers, but, really? Usually, i’m in games for the story, but i also like my characters to have personality, how will i ever make my purple-skinned alien person?

My final words at this, should i get 3, or 4, for my first PC sims experience? Thanks.

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3 is the best if your not running win8+
Becuase for me running it on win10 causing the pc to malfunction and overheat (but that my pc so…)


Yeah… 2009 on Win 10?