[REL] WUTE: The ultimate topic mod (ranges from 5-50 topics! 50+ more planned!)

This mod really doesn’t add a lot to the game, except for topics. I’d recommend checking out the Camelot mod if you want some fun stuff! It is also in very early development, and will most likely get updated very often with major changes. I’m trying to create the ultimate topics mod here, and that might take a while. Also, created using Ultimate Mod Editor.

Quick reminder: Just because a topic is a part of the “Action” or “Adventure” pack doesn’t mean they’ll go well with that genre!

What is WUTE?

Wimali’s Ultimate Topics Extension is exactly what you’d think it is: An extension that adds topics. Not just like any other mod however, I’ve tried to make the topics as good as possible, that means actual game topics, e.g. Sandbox, Survival, Rollercoaster, Beat 'em up, etc. and not stupid topics. I also decided to create one main, “standard” versions which adds 20 topics to the game, and different expansion packs, e.g. Fantasy, Sports, Action… to make it easier for people to customize the topics they get. I mainly created this to stop people from making hundreds of topic mods.

Open to suggestions

You got any topics you’d like to have included in WUTE? That’s good, because I’m totally open to your suggestions and will add a topic if I think it’s good enough! Just post in this thread and I’ll have a look at it.


WUTE Master (1.1.2a, Standard + Action + Sports + Arcade + Fantasy + Adventure, 75 topics, each pack can be disabled & enabled): http://www.mediafire.com/download/84hbwqvr983jbtb/
WUTE Standard (1.0.0, 20 topics): http://www.mediafire.com/download/t4cj0zk9n4oz0ot/
WUTE Action (1.0.0, 10 topics): http://www.mediafire.com/download/zudsuj26ezjc89x/
WUTE Sports (1.0.0, 15 topics): http://www.mediafire.com/download/6846rfm9r4yqfjx/
WUTE Arcade (1.0.0, 5 topics): http://www.mediafire.com/download/iijsxv276oszi6o/
WUTE Fantasy (1.0.0, 15 topics): http://www.mediafire.com/download/a02451xx09ro532/
WUTE Adventure (1.0.0, 10 topics): http://www.mediafire.com/download/22db8j0b90p75ht/
WUTE Survival (1.0.0, ??? topics): In development
WUTE Creatures (1.0.0, ??? topics): In development

Total downloads: 1067

Topic List
Please go to the following pastebin to see a list of topics:


I like that list, but some of them seem strange to me though:

  • Alternate Reality (Shouldn’t this be Sci-Fi?)
  • Arcade (Isn’t that a console or maybe a genre like arcade-action?)
  • Battle Arena (Again, thats not a topic imo)
  • Beat-em-up (Again, thats not a topic imo)
  • Board Game (Again, thats not a topic imo)
  • Car (Isn’t there Racing already?)
  • Deathmatch (Again, thats not a topic imo)
  • Driving (Isn’t there Racing or Transport already?)
  • Dungeon Crawl (Isn’t there Dungeons already?)
  • Educational (Isn’t there School already?)
  • Flight (Isn’t there Airplane already?)
  • Futuristic (Isn’t there Sci-fi already?)
  • Ghost (See below)
  • Goblin (I see what you did there Ghosts and Goblins)

Great additions IMO

  • Adult
  • Amusement park
  • Construction
  • Cooking (Cooking mama has to be the best game ever invented :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • Trading card game (I wonder if it’s a topic or a genre but great!)

There are many others but i don’t want to make a 10 feet post!

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Great post, thank you for the feedback!

Alternate Reality isn’t really sci-fi- It’s more, like, well, an alternate reality. In which certain things are different, e.g. Obama isn’t president, russia doesn’t exist, humans don’t exist and the leading race on earth is mice, stuff like that… :stuck_out_tongue: I’d call it a topic, seeing as there’s Alternate History in the vanilla game :smiley:

I feel like Arcade is a topic- Small but classic arcade games. Maybe it would’ve fit better as a genre, but I’m not really sure how to do that… Might be possible in the future, but I’m keeping it like this for now :open_mouth:

Battle Arena is definitely a topic, think of the arena in Oblivion. You also have MOBA’s in real life, Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas, but I felt like there wasn’t really a way for me to implement that…

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beat_'em_up Genre, but again, not sure how to add that, so just went with a topic :oncoming_automobile: (EDIT: Why the heck is this car-smiley here? Hmm. I’ll just leave it here I guess xD)

I agree with you on Board Game not being a topic, but keep in mind it’s on the “Extended” version of the mod- I had already used all “good” ideas imo and just went with some stuff I had seen on other mods, other games and by searching google for “game genres” & “game topics”.

I feel like the deathmatch one is a topic, but meh, might remove it if a lot of people don"t want it.

Also, yes there’s already all these other topics, sci-fi, school, airplane, sci-fi, racing etc. but I still feel like these topics were different enough to be their own thing. Besides, they all have different target groups & genre matches than the vanilla topics! :smiley:

But I’ll keep your post in mind and might remove/edit some topics later, thank you for the post.

I found out I added the topics Virtual Pet, Time Travel and Superheroes- Problem is, these were already in the game! Oops. I updated all the versions. Not sure if I’m actually going to work on WUTE Extended anytime soon- I want this to be the perfect topics mod, so I’m planning on balancing, editing and removing a lot of stuff.

The download links have been updated, I’ll most likely tweak and edit the mod a little more tomorrow.

What about the freaking enormous community of “Simulator 2013” games?

Like Bus Simulator 2013?

The problem is that topic stays something simple and just wants to be an indicator of what you can mix it with genres. Simulation games is a genre… And racing (such as car, truck, bus, wathever) have a good action rating and simulation rating while transport is only simulation. (I haven’t validated that, it’s just the top of my head)

You can create truck, car, plane, topics if you want, but will they be different from racing and transport?

Currently working on something that will give the player more customization. Just a default version of WUTE, which adds around 20 must-have topics, and then just a few themed “expansion packs” which can be added for an additional 5-15 topics. For example Fantasy, Sports, Action, Arcade, Adventure, Survival and Creatures. Those can all be separately installed so if you don’t want certain topics, you can just not install that expansion pack!

However, topics in the Action pack won’t necessarily be good in combination with the Action genre. I’m trying to really make every topic different from the others.

Updated the post with a new standard version and a few expansion packs!

Nice mod, waiting for the fantasy one

Great work! :smile:

Fantasy & Adventure packs have now been released (links in the main post), including a new Master version, which contains all packs. Next up: Survival and Miscellaneous packs!

Always DRM City builder love it :smile:

How come a lot of your topics only have a ++ as the highest? i noticed some go y++e+m+ or mixed up in that way. I never use topics to a certain rating unless it is +++. More of a OCD thing for me. So in my opinion if a topic doesn’t have a +++ its useless >> Not saying to go in and change everything you already did but can you avoid that in the future << It’s really my only gripe with your mod. At least i think it is your mod adding them in. Since yours is the biggest topic expander i use. minus Khans expansion of course.

Well, I didn’t want every topic to be good! That would just be overpowered and boring, wouldn’t it? Finding out what topics are bad and which ones are good is part of the fun, in my opinion!

Also, I’ll probably add some more packs later. I’ve been rather busy with other stuff the past few days but I should be able to spend some more time on this soon.

It’s all good man, I was trying to make my point but I didn’t want to sound like a douch…After all your the one modding it just stating my opinion on the mod. It is a great mod and like I said it is one of my main ones. Well it isn’t finding out which ones are good and bad that I dislike. It is just why make a topic if it is’n’t good minus joke topics like always city drm. But I get your point though, not everything is a blockbuster topic.

What about developing a mod that expand the Genre option.

I saw some examples in the comment list above.


I cant see new topic when i start a game, i just see 4 random in start :S

did you even enabled them in ‘Mods’ by pressing ESC Key.

then click them enabled them then restart game then research topics.

Some of them are a little too specific, but I downloaded the mod and works great. Here’s some extra topic ideas: (Sorry if you already have these topics)


ugh… not again…
Don’t necro. Mod creator hasn’t been on as of 2+ months.