[REL/WIP] AnytimeVacation [1.0.2]

Send your employees on vacation whenever you want to. However, keep in mind that they may lose points if you send them while fully efficient!

##Upcoming features##
I made this mod in a rush. The downside will probably change to something less chance-based later on. Nope, no more developments on this mod aside from translations.



  • Full localization support (ported by @MrLaAnguila)
  • Added Spanish translation (also by @MrLaAnguila)
  • Added Swedish translation by me
  • Some optimizations


Fixed the “small chance” being 95% (changed to 15%)


Initial release

NexusMods page


Hmm, what is the point of it?

When you hire a new staff member, all the employee’s efficiency bars go down, and you can’t send them on vacation.

Thats why you wait for them to need vacations to hire new people!

Nice mod, I hate when my staff get tired on the middle of my AAA game

You plan to add more features in the future? Like, a training that increases your staff stamina…

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Added to the official mod list;

v1.0.1 released, fixing the “small chance” being 95% instead of 15%.

@Haxor To send people on vacation even if they don’t display an efficiency bar to their left? For example when you want to start working on a game, and you have 5 employees but only 4 need a vacation. You can send the fifth too instead of having to wait untíl (s)he also needs a vacation (or work on the game anyway with less than 100% effiency depending on your playstyle).

@supersamuel Thanks! Yes, there will be more features, maybe including the one you mentioned. This mod will also be a part of my big modpack later. (I released this part early since I thought it was such a simple feature addition, hopefully helping people who face the same problems as me when playing.)

Thank you Charlie! :slight_smile:

Oh okay.

This mod works in alredy created saves?

Wow… what am I doing in such an old thread? :open_mouth:


  • Full localization support (ported by @MrLaAnguila)
  • Added Spanish translation (also by @MrLaAnguila)
  • Added Swedish translation by me
  • Some optimizations


Workshop edition ?

10% in all stats decrease is kinda too much


I’m updating this mod/uploading to workshop :slight_smile: @Darkly will still have full ownership of this mod and I will take it down immidiately on his request. But he did say in his license that we can do this, so lets do it! :smiley:


I was waiting half a year for this on the workshop

This mod is now on the workshop, and porting SaveBackup is in the progress too! :smiley:


If you are interested in translating, please send me a PM! :stuck_out_tongue: Its like, two lines required. Dont worry. falls of chair