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I’m a little confused So is UME currently available to only a small number people for now. And if that is true when is a public release planned.

@sbmercury You are absolutely right. The current UME version is available only to the registered testers, since we want to release a merely clean version to the public.

It is planned to release UME between the 5th and 10th of February. This gives me the time to fix some issues and provide some more complete features.

If you are interested in using UME in the future, you can already take a look on how the application will look like and feel. For this you could watch the video tutorial on youtube.

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@alphabit Cool can’t wait to try it out.

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Since @Haxor and @lPunisheRl will not have the time to continue testing UME, there are now 2 slots open for those who would like to test UME and send feedback.

Let me know if you’re interested.

Even after a public release, I will stick on providing non-public beta versions from time to time. If you are registered, you will get those versions, of course.

ultimate suite losed the bubble and gamespeed option???

Maybe you confused UL with TweakMod. The “Bubble” and “Gamespeed” features are part of the TweakMod (which also needs the UltimateLib).

See here: [WIP] Expansion: TweakMod - 0.3.1

Oowh…stupid me…

I hope when my computer works again I’ll make a mod (console mod)

Just watched the video and it made me wish to have my computer fixed!
Make something like an introduction on YouTube or some video like:
“Looking to make a GDT Mod but getting errors? (Showing some error picture) then ume is for you! Create platforms, topics (and so so on) with a simple, powerful click!” And then you show some showcases but he video should be longer than 1 min

Make a video so that when people search like “game dev tycoon mod” they’ll get into this

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@Gamingthrou Good idea! Thanks. I will take that seriously into consideration. At the moment I have a big enemy called time :wink: I started today to make a tutorial, but then I realized and discovered some bugs during the recording session :stuck_out_tongue:

So I need to start over again… do u know that I feel quite dumb having to repeat every time the same words and steps? :smiley:

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to watch the video. I hope it was useful and that it’s clear enough to use as a starting point.

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I accedintly wrote “than one min” instead of "no more than one min

No, not repeating every word but like a small script that includes "introduction words"
People who look to make mods usually don’t look at videos that are more than 10 minutes and they probably won’t look at your video (maybe) because of the wierd title name and the author name and to solve that you need a clean and clear introduction.
Then you make a link to the tutorial in the video description

If you want some help for the video title here are some:
Want to mod Game Dev Tycoon? Here’s how!
How to mod Game Dev Tycoon simple and easy!
The Game Dev Tycoon Mod Creator!
Create Game Dev Tycoon mods with Ultimate Mod Editor!

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Btw if you looked at my created topics you’ll notice I have an idea that is similar to this tool (I created it long ago)
And for that I want to thank you for making this tool (even though I believe you didn’t based this tool of my idea :smile:

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@Gamingthrou To be honest, I didn’t even know that you had this idea. I’m glad that you like this tool and, as long as it will be used, GDT is alive and I got the time, it will be constantly updated.

I didn’t meant the “repeating words” sentence about the vid idea you gave me, but that, whenever I do a UME vid tutorial (also the ones that I deleted), I always need to speak almost the same :stuck_out_tongue: (Today, I had 3 session of 40m each… all deleted, because of bugs I found during the session).

Well, the video I uploaded was a quick shot and is meant to be an instruction video on how to use UME. So if you’re really interested in using it seriously and don’t know how, watching the tutorial should give you almost all information necessary.

I think that the kind of videos you’re talking about, would make much more sense as soon as we’ve gone public. The highest priority is reserved for the instructional video. After that, I think we should talk again about some details, and then I’ll prepare the videos you mentioned (that are also listed on youtube, then).


When will it be possible to test or use your UltimateModEditor?
There isn´t much info on your web site on it and so forth. :smiley:

It looks good. :wink:
Keep it coming…

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Hi @Triopticon, a public release is planned between the 5th and the 10th of February. I’m fixing some issues that have been reported by the registered testers.

atm you won’t find that much information on the website, that’s true. As soon as UME is released, the pages will be updated to contain all relevant information.

I don’t know if you already did watch the (quick and dirty) video tutorial I recorded a couple of days ago. If you didn’t, you’re invited to take a look at it (runs about 25 mins). It gives you an overview of the application and how to use it.

I plan to record a new tutorial as soon as the app has reached a certain shape (within the next days).

Video Tutorial


Hi @alphabit, thx for the quick reply. I have just had a quick look at the video, but will watch it all later.

Looking forward to testing it when you release it. :smile:

I’m just interesting to see what it can do from a non coding side, and possible from a coding side.

I’m not new to programming so I don’t mind writing codes. :stuck_out_tongue:
Been doing web programming (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP etc.) since 2003.
Played around with Objective-C, C, C++, C#, VB, Basic, Java…
But only on the hobby side… :smiley:

And a lot of VBA at work. LOL

Your “UltimateLib API” looking good. :wink:


@Triopticon Thank you for your kind words!

So we’re living in the same binary sphere :wink:

My development focus changed a couple of times during the last years, from windows applications to web development and back to windows application development, also using some exotic technologies :slight_smile:

But you know, if you aren’t already, you’ll go one day… what? … crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

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###UltimateLib has reached more than 2K downloads

Thank you for your support… we’re still waiting for our crate of beer :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s 5th in our country
Got any prediction when is it going to release?
I fixed my computer yesterday.