[REL] ThePlatformMod (outdated, 0.0.4 beta)


:information_source: This is the old topic for the mod ThePlatformMod, if anyone still wants it. It also includes the code for its latest version, 0.0.4 beta.

:information_source: ThePlatformMod has gotten :one: :five: downloads! Thank you all!

"Hello, people of the Greenheart Games forum.
I have come with a new mod i made called ThePlatformMod.
It is a mod made with UME and a small mod.
Currently it is in beta.
It adds:
4 consoles (The Test Console, The MESO, The MBOX 3 and the Elnucks (Turbunto OS))
A RnD research (consoles made from food)
3 topics (sandbox, doctor and game editor)
3 events (for the MESO, MBOX 3 and the Elnucks (Turbuntu OS))
2 achivements (Best Man-Power and Harder! Stronger! Faster!)

TPM versions download(0.0.4 is the latest)


0.0.4 beta
-Added an achivement (Harder! Sronger! Faster!)
-Added a topic (game editor)
-Added a new computer (The Elnucks (Turbunto OS))
-Added an event for The Elnucks (Turbunto OS)

0.0.3 beta
-Added a Achivement: Best Man-Power
-Made the MBOX 3 actually after the MBOX Next
-Added a custom description for the mod

0.0.2 beta
-Added an event for the MESO

0.0.1 beta
-Release to public
-The MBOX 3 now uses a different picture than before
-The MESO is now released later, instead of its release at the start and retirement at the end
-Added the topic Doctor
-The MBOX 3 now has sales :sweat_smile:

0.0.0 test
-Start of testing


All ex-testers will be given the beta code and if they fixed/added/removed etc something, than they shouldent hesitate to ask so i can look at what they have done. Also, there will be 10 testers, including me.











[WIP][REL] The Features Mod (0.0.1 alpha(yay))
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