[WIP][REL] The Features Mod (0.0.1 alpha(yay))

Hello, people of the Greenheart Games forum.
I have come with a new mod a few helpful testers and i made called The Features Mod.
It is a mod made with UME and a medium mod.
Currently it is in beta.
It adds:
9 consoles (The Test Console, The MESO, The MBOX 3, The Elnucks (Turbunto OS), Laptop, The Overdrive, The MBOX 4, The PlaySystem 6 Gold and The PlaySystem 7)
8 topics (sandbox, doctor, game editor, board game, console dev, reearching, flying and website dev)
25 events (for the MESO, MBOX 3, Elnucks (Turbuntu OS), Laptop, Overdrive, MBOX 4, PlaySystem 6 Gold, PlaySystem 7, 3 hardware researchs, 8 engine researches and 5 RnD researches)
7 achivements (Best Man-Power, Harder! Stronger! Faster! (others are hidden))

[The Features Mod: 0.0.1 alpha][2]

[The Features Mod: 0.0.5 beta][1]

[Are you looking for pre-tfm beta…?][3]


0.0.1 alpha
-First alpha version
-Added 2 more topics, while being the last version adding topics
-Added 1 more achivement
-Added 16 researchs added in total(5 engine researches, 2 hardware researches and 5 RnD researches)

0.0.5 beta
-It is no longer called ThePlatformMod because it has more than only platforms
-Added 3 consoles
-The last beta version
-Added 5 topics
-Added 3 engine researchs
-Added 5 achivements

0.0.4 beta
-Added an achivement (Harder! Sronger! Faster!)
-Added a topic (game editor)
-Added a new computer (The Elnucks (Turbunto OS))
-Added an event for The Elnucks (Turbunto OS)

0.0.3 beta
-Added a Achivement: Best Man-Power
-Made the MBOX 3 actually after the MBOX Next
-Added a custom description for the mod

0.0.2 beta
-Added an event for the MESO

0.0.1 beta
-Release to public
-The MBOX 3 now uses a different picture than before
-The MESO is now released later, instead of its release at the start and retirement at the end
-Added the topic Doctor
-The MBOX 3 now has sales :sweat_smile:

0.0.0 test
-Start of testing


All testers will be given the beta code and if they fixed/added/removed etc something, than they shouldnt hesitate to ask so i can look at what they have done. Also, there will be 10 testers, including me.










[3]:[REL] ThePlatformMod (outdated, 0.0.4 beta)


May I apply for a mod tester?

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can i also be your mod tester?

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Can i too


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Thx :slight_smile:

No problem :wink:

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i thick you sould say what it adds so we know what we can look for like bugs

can i be a tester?

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Could i be a tester

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Sure you guys can! Just wait a bit.


Attention all testers: Mikkel_Bie reported the Test Console doing what the OPPOS console does.
It give’s you alot of money and fans. So if you encounter this bug,testers,feel free to fix the mod.(i would do it, but i don’t remember how i got wondows xp to work with .net framework 4.5)

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@Today i’ll take a look

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i have made a Private messag and added us all (all tester) to it report on that

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Wait, why is this still not on the Official Mod List and the UME modlist? :crying_cat_face:
@Charlie @alphabit

The mod list will be updated shortly :smile:

Thanks :smiling_imp:

Can i be a tester ?