[REL] The Galactic Games Company Mod

Galactic Games, a company well known for some of its simulation games, is going to join the console market in the times of the Playsystem 2. Will they succeed, or will they fail and revert to third-party developers? Download to find out!

Download Link: https://mega.co.nz/#!qRM22aIS!X6sB_wwsKIUvDY1_QVuBnW75lqh9KDs3Epohc0evj-A

The people who made this mod:
civvv (coder)
my dad (debugger)

Update Log:

Version 0.1.0:
+added four consoles
*Note: You can change the console images!

Version 0.1.1:
+added one more News report
*slightly changed the Universe Console story
~edited Universe image


Is this a mod for your company in-game? If so that’s awesome!

Sort of. Of course I changed it a bit otherwizse my consoles would have been overpowered :stuck_out_tongue:

Sound like this is popular. Once I have a computer that jZip actually likes, I might try it.

Added to the official mod list :smile:

It won’t let me download unless I buy a subscription with mediafire.

I’d reccomend switching to github. Simplifies things, and most modders use it so the community would generally know it.

I’ve tried, but I cant figure out how to put a zip on GitHub, help please?

Ask kristof, he managed to do it. But when you just put the normal files that would be inside the ZIP folder, when someone downloads it, it downloads as a zip.

for example, let’s say I have 3 files in a zip folder, a, b, and c.

I put a, b, and c inside the github folder, but I do NOT put the zip inside of it
If someone wants to download it, it downloads a b and c in a zip.

Don’t put a zip on GitHub, just open an account, create a repository then use GIT or my favorite GUI tool is Atlassian SourceTree to create a repository on your machine and link it to your git hub profile. You will then be able to send all your code up to github and people can download/clone/fork your project.

It’s not an easy topic but you can contact me directly if you want, i’ll help you understand it!

ATTENTION: I’ve changed the download link to a mega link. hopefully it works!

Mega upload? Wasn’t this shutdown when the owner was jailed in? In all cases, may i suggest to use GitHub? It’s the only good way to share code and it comes with many advantages…

Oops! It’s just called MEGA :wink:

The mod is great, one of the only mods that adds good consoles to GDT, because some mods add consoles with 1.5% marketshare

Thanks! How far are you in the game?

I was on the PS3 launch, but I put a lot of mods in my game and lost my save :frowning:

oh well, you can always use @kristof1104 cheat mod to get back to that point!

I know, but @KizzaGaming gave me his mod beta version and i’m testing it, so I want to game the entire game again.

If you maybe want to test the beta version ask him on his mod topic

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Hey @civvv, do you ever thought on doing your on consoles design? I now that`s kind of hard, but would be super nice if, like, the Solar System console where a planet, or something like that. But make sure that if you’re going to design it, the design be nice, because I prefer good designed default consoles to bad designed different consoles.

For example: I don’t use Supper Consoles because some of it’s consoles are really bad designed.

Thanks for reading