[REL] Simulation Pack

Latest version : 3.5
Last release date: 18/02/2014

This mod brings more simulation based topics to research.
I have always wanted more topic research and I think most other also think the same.

Special Thanks to

GameDev Tycoon maker @PatrickKlug and @DanielKlug
UltimateMod Editor(UME) makers @SirEverard and @alphabit

This mod goes well with most others, below are some that I it tried with.

Ultra GDT by @KizzaGaming
Expansion PAckby @DzjengisKhan and @LineLiar

Mod requires


Change Logs

Version 3.5

Everything from the last version plus

15 New topics

Version 3.0

Everything from the last version plus

New Topics

  • Winery
  • Goat
  • Horse


  • 25 games made
  • 50 games made
  • 75 games made
  • 100 games made
  • I million Fans
  • 5 Million Fans
  • Most Expensive Game-engine in the world.
  • First Billion

There are lots of event I added.

Version 2.0

Everything from the last version plus

New Topics

  • Trade
  • Astronaut
  • Woodcutter
  • Gods
  • Zoo
  • Roman
  • Bus
  • Car
  • Tech
  • Post-office
  • Social
  • Port
  • Cooking
  • Rescue
  • Construction

Version 1.0


  • Media
  • Train
  • Truck
  • Management
  • Hotel
  • Farming
  • Mechanic
  • Mining
  • Ship

Download it Here

If you want something new in the game feel free to tell me I will add it to my mod.
Hope these topics help your company grow.
Good luck

Please let me know if this mod gives you any trouble


Yay! it sounds like a great mod!

Thanks, do you have any suggestions.

maybe add resources like mining!

Thanks again, I will add it too

I have added the last three topics to my first release, it will be on the web very soon.

@Charlie Can you pls add this to the official mod list

Wow i inspired ANOTHER person to make a mod

Yes, what do you think of it.

Not had time as i just found it but iā€™m about to install it


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This is a snapshot of my mods folder and i had no issues


@adi7991 Quick question, was rhis mod inspired by my mod or did you just test it with my mod

You mod did not contain many sim type topics which inspired me to make this one.
And you really play with so many mods.

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Anyways thanks,
I have a long list of topics that I wish to add to this mod.

And I really enjoy you mod.

Thanks glad you enjoy my mod
(BTW will updates to this mod go through beta testing, if so sign me up for testing)


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@adi7991 Also would you like to beat test my mod

Yes, I have so much free time, I would love it.