[REL] More Topics

This GDT mod adds 125 more topics there in the mediafire link below



Hey ultrapirtae,

I’ve checked your code and I found a few errors. So here’s a list ^^

  • In your myScript.js file:

    1. More Topics.addTopic(); shouldn’t have a space in it.
  • In your Source.js file:

  1. at the end of your audienceWeightings lin, you have a comma. You should remove that one.
  2. Directly under the (function () { line (line 3) you have }; But this will end your code and you don’t want that ^^. So you have to delete that as well
  3. Beneth GDT.addTopics([ (line 7) You have an error. In line 8-9 you have {; }, { But this only needs to be a {

That pretty much sums it all up. Hope this helped you a bit ^^

~~~ DzjengisKhan ~~~

thx but could you do the fixes on github?

done ^^

how do you accept the changes?

Inside pull request, just accept my pull requests should be on the right of the screen

I dont see it XD

https://github.com/KageCoder/More-Topics just open this page.

On the right side of the screen there should be a tab called pull requests with a 2 next to it. In there, you have to select merge pull request so it will apply my changes into you code

Its giving me a new error could not load one of the scripts checker.js kind of thing

Did you also merged the myScripts.js file??

uh no XD

The mod adds 70 new topics!

Please prefix your topics for fast searching :smile:
Also please add a link to your mod on your first post so new users can find it easily.

Added a link to the github and the mods fixed now!

new update!woot

new updates are planned to be released next week!

heres the download link to version 1.5 it works now XD http://www.mediafire.com/download/smi3aka6wl72ugs/More%20Topics%201.5.rar

Can you add a list of topics the mod adds?

uh yeah sure UH hours later XD but yeah ill make a list soon Im working on a update currently that adds 10 new topics!lol

Add Nicolas Cage topic