[REL] Expansion Pack for Game Dev Tycoon




It is THIS mod in particular, or all the others who make it?


its all the mods i install from this site


You puts well mods in the good file? And if you wants to install this mod in particular he needs you UltimateLib.


yeah i have UltimateLIb and i think i put them in good file.




yeah i know


In which file you put them exactly ?


In mods_ws the same were i put all my mods


It is not the good file xD
It is the file to name “mods”


when i put it there it just dosen’t work the mod wont go on


ok i got it to work thanks for the help


De rien !


I cant get the mod to actually show up in the game when i go to activate it can anyone please help


Dang bruh, you got this figured out! I’m definitely going to download this mod!


This is amazing, but it doesn’t show up. Any idea why?


Did you install the mod to the right folder?


Yeah, just figured it out, had that oft-seen problem with a folder in a folder. It works now. Cannot wait to see more of this reloaded version.


Nice mod dude!

I have a few ideas to expand on the custom PC part of this mod, since I am a total custom PC nut xD:

-Laptop skins, all-in-one skins, mini-cube skins
-Develop own modules for custom PC’s, (RAM, CPU, GPU etc.) controlling their power, price and all that, of course being able to use these in building your own custom PC’s

And also, if you could add more modules to the custom PC parts? like Pentium processors, a larger GPU selection, and heck, MOAR RAAAAAAM!

My 2 pence,



Sorry dude, you are 1 year late :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: