[REL] Expansion Pack for Game Dev Tycoon


Check inside your EPM folder.

Also, @KizzaGaming, this mod works perfectly fine but it might cause errors because it overrides a lot of ingame functions.


The game works perfectly fine, dont worry. This mod still works :slight_smile:


Yeah i know, i was kinda tired when i wrote that, so i wasn’t thinking about what i was typing


You only wrote that because you have heard me say something like that before. That was in topics where people asked for help with game functions messing up while using the EXP mod.


So… the mod works fine?




and the part of the computers too?


@DzjengisKhan Are you planning/doing any update on the mod?


what if i dont want the 80 topics but i want everything else?
what should i do?


um, why would you not want the 80 topics :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


so does this mod work or not?


Yes, it does.


because i didnt know how they interact with different platform an audience
but now i know i opened the file of source.js and i found out the interaction and i am enjoying it now :smiley:


Someone helped me fix the part with custom computers, I can freely make them now, but I have another bug; If I take a MMO out of the market manually, the game crashers and I can no longer play in my company. D:


I don’t get it so i can’t play GDT with the expansion pack because i can’t create a custum computer in the game without an error? I don’t trust deleting lines in the script. Can someone make a fix please?


Nick, add me on Steam here and i’ll give you the correct file; http://steamcommunity.com/id/firechaos/?l=greek . And anyone if they want it


V 1.2.0 breaks my game, it breaks the visual upgrades of the Camelot Mod. When i start a new game in easy or hard the money resets to 0, you never win or lose money, it´s always on 0.

When you (try to) make a new game and select the platform (pc or g64) an error appears to, and it´s impossible to move forward.

This don´t happen with V1.0.0, i can play fine, but the 1.2 always give me errors.


Could not load mod one of the scripts
mods/gdt-modAPI/helpers/check.js,mods/gdt-modAPI/persist(ing? goes out of window)
is missing or invalid!"
I am new to all this modding stuff, please help me. :frowning:


it’s persistance.js
anyways, you don’t have gdt-modapi.

download it.