[REL] Expansion Pack for Game Dev Tycoon


I get that now after looking through the forum, but it still won’t work. I have UltimateLib and API installed.


Have you removed the -master from the end of the folder?


Still won’t work. Just tried it, won’t appear in my options for mods


Could you use a service such as gyazo to post a snapshot


Of my files or of the mod files in the actual game?


sorry i meant gyazo. Use it to post a screenshot of your mods folder



and an in game screenshot of your mods menu?


Still no option for EPM


did you restart the game?




Hmm. Try deleting EPM and re installing it


I’ll get back to you on that,


Should I download off GitHub or somewhere else? What worked for you?




Just tried it. Same pic as before. I have no idea whats wrong. Maybe too many mods?


No not to many mods, anyway i would recommend uninstalling this mod as it uses code that no longer exists in the game


So I can’t play the mod period?


your game will be full of errors, so no


Lol, wow. This looked really cool on the spot light and now it won’t work. Maybe the dev should do something about it. Only real reason why I was interested in coming back to this game