[REL] Cheat Mod by kristof1104


It might work for the most part. But I wouldn’t risk using a mod that’s outdated. Can corrupt your saves.


It doesn’t…
I play with it on all my saves.


help me please i only have mod api 0.1.1 and i want to use this mod i already finished the game and i want to use cheats


hey I need some help… I put in the mod to the mods folder
but when I look at mods section on the main menu
it does not pop up help please


can you take a screenshot?


XD figured out why
XD what I found out is I forgot to drag the folder that actually had the contents
into the mods folder XD


ok then


nice thanks bro


Thanks kristof1104! I love this mod! before I got this mod: i sucked at stuff. After I got this mod: I used the CheatMod to get cash, and I also always enable add all topics, add AAA, enable PERFECT scores always and I also always use enable never have bugs.
I can’t wait to see what features this mod will have!

P.S: Everytime I want to play this game I have to enable all the cheats I mentioned above. But why?


Can you add a ‘Research all Engine Parts’ button?


Pretty sure there already is one. Try updating your cheatmod.


I’m at the latest version, and you can only research all topics.


Nope, there is no feature like this.


Actually there is, add your tech lvls those bars with the plus icon


Oh must of got confused.


But that’s still not ‘research all’ button, is it


The remove need for staff vacation cheat stopped working during a game, it was fine before but around Y56 it stopped working.


I have a problem.When I start the game is normal without the mod but I have checked it in my mod menu please help me


That happens when I open the game and I can’t play with the mod please help

Error Could not load mod one of the scripts C:/Users/ΕΛΕΝΗ/Desktop/Game.Dev.Tycoon.v1.5.25/mods_ws/CheatMod/source/source.js is missing or invalid!


Error Alert
Error Uncaught error. Please report this to support@greenheartgames.com: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘id’ of null (file:///D:/Game.Dev.Tycoon.v1.5.25/compressed/codeNw.js:729) Please restart the game.

Enabled Mods:

CheatMod by kristof1104 by kristof1104
Game Dev Tycoon Mod API by support@greenheartgames.com
Game Version: 1.5.25

Platform: Windows

Distribution: Steam

i turned off api and i check again and it gives error i tried to reset the mods and it dont work?!?!!? it gives the following error!