[REL] Chat Mod for Game Dev Tycoon

Chat Mod for Game Dev Tycoon

With this new Mod you will be able to stay in touch with everyone playing Game Dev Tycoon (and using this mod)

The latest version of this Mod can be downloaded from the following link:


From our website:

You can see the source code (and contribute if interested) on our GitHub repository:

Mod details:

  • virtually unlimited number of users
  • messages history
  • Minimize, Expand and Close the chat panel
  • Draggable chat panel
  • MOTD, Join/Part Messages
  • online users counter

Feedbacks and Suggestions

  • We are very open to:
    • Suggestions
    • Feedbacks
    • Questions
    • Help or Code Contribution

Future Improvements

  • Add “New Message” text shown if chat window is minimized
  • Add Join/Leave server messages
  • Add private chat
  • Add rooms/channels
  • Add Game Pause button

Known Issues

  • BUG-001: If a new game is created, sent messages will be visible multiple times (fixed in v 0.3)

Known Compatibility Issue

  • COM-001: Competitor Mod uses the left side of the screen and hides the chatbox (fixed in v 0.2 with drag and drop)

Versions History

  • 0.3

    • Added Join/Part messages handling
    • Added MOTD messages
    • Added online users counter
    • Added title to chat panel
  • 0.2

    • Chat panel is now draggable everywhere in the window


  • fabfor

  • Zeratul

More about us on our About Us page: http://gdtchatmod.bugs3.com/About-Us/



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There is one thing i dont like, that is if your using the Competitor-mod it will disappeared and your console (backlog).
if your using this mod. so maybe a idea is to move this to the middle bottom and make it like a toolbar/chat. (cause i wanna see this mod but not if it will make my other stuff disappeared.)

Hello Dragon,

Thx for the suggestion: We may be able to add the feature to let users choose where show the chatbox (left, right, top, bottom).

We will start working at once :smile:

Thank you

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Hey @Tyler_Moore,

Here’s a first pic:

Move it down lower? It covers up the console stats, and coveres up where competitors go for competitor mod.

Can you make it a free-flowing chat box that can be dragged and dropped anywhere?
I’m asking because with all these various mods that will take up real estate, I think one of the better ways to make everyone happy is to allow the user to just drag it out of the way.

Nice mod :slight_smile:
Just wondering who’s got time to chat during this game :slight_smile: not a lot of waiting involved in the game.

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That’s just same what I thinked about when saw this mod.
I’m on other computer, so cant download it, but it looks cool.

Hi guys, thank you for giving our mod a try!

We will work asap on visibility issues (we will investigate floating windows, thank you @MrRain!) meanwhile you can try to minimize the chat window using the first button on the left to reduce overlapping.

Thank you!


Thank you @kristof1104!

We were inspired by great modders like you, @alphabit and many others. We hope to solve the overlapping issue with your mod as soon as possible.

Regarding the mod usage: due to the great job of GreenHeart Games we have a game without big static moments, so we planned this feature more as a tool for “instant game experience sharing” than a big chat environment.

After all, as GHG says: “Less Social. Less Ville. More Game” :smiley:


Is it me or did everyone read the title as Cheat Mod at first? :stuck_out_tongue:


@LineLiar Yeah got my attention as wel :stuck_out_tongue: haha
@Zeratul Thx for the kind words :slight_smile: You could create a pause button in the chat UI so players can pause the game to chat that would help I think :smiley: still great job on the mod

Cheers Kristof

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Nice mod, added to official mod list;



Thank you @Charlie, much appreciated :sunny:

@Zeratul so it’s basically a Multiplayer game? or Does it use Steam Friendlist to chat?

Oh that could be an issue since I’m not on steam…

Since there is also a standalone version too for Game Dev Tycoon, we thought using the steam friend list would have been a bit restrictive. This is a server-client architecture which connects every player who launches the game (with this mod activated) to the same server.

This is actually the base for a greater interaction in the future, which will brings us to a real competitive multiplayer mod, much similar to the great mod created by @kristof1104.

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That is really neat!

Great suggestion! We will work on it right away :smiley: