[QUE]Using others code?

The part you took, of course.
However, it’s wise (perhaps for next time) to contact people first before taking their code.

I think you should Always ask for permission, we put a lot of effort and time into this. Not nice to just take it without asking.
Besides sometimes stealing code can cause mod compatibility problems.

By using Expansion Pack and venomous’s mod you’ll get the sales changes twice!
So not an option in my book :slight_smile:

You should think of it this way, by stealing code you are actually pissing of the people who wrote it. In the extend that they become demoralized and don’t even wanna mod anymore!

I recommend people to add a license to their project such as the CC Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license which allows people to adapt and redistribute the code, but only if it’s under the same license and if they give credit (attribution).
You can also pick another one at http://creativecommons.org/ but I think this one suits me best.

I think this is a stupid question. A code is something people make themselves. You obviously have never made a mod before or participated in one. I know it feels really bad if you have worked very hard on something (like the Prices) and then someone steals your code without asking permission and/or crediting you. Second, this was not the first time Venomous did this. He already did it with some other code too, where he had no permission to also. The developers can’t really say anything about stealing codes because it’s not really their problem. It’s clear enough that stealig other peoples code not acceptable is. You may never be able to take code from other mods and use it in your mod if you have no permission and you’re not crediting that someone. Prices was an exclusive for Expansion Pack Mod at the moment and we would like to see it in other mods if they made it theirselves or had permission from using it. In this case Venomous had no permission whatsoever and was not allowed to use any code from our mod. Think for yourself about this: ‘If I made a mod and someone steals it.’ would you be upset? You probably would. You can’t steal code from Game Dev Tycoon too right? Why would you be able to with mods? I hope I cleared this up for you because the developers don’t have anything to do with this. This is something within the modding community. :wink: @Venomous @William

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That 's why we never use Venomous’s mod. :stuck_out_tongue: There’s always something he stole…

I think CC isn’t recommended for code as far as I know but if you want something fairly similar then the MIT license is great. Easy to read and understand. More info and choices on:

I would definitely recommend against anything like GPL or L-GPL. They are confusing and a horrible mess.

It’s also noteworthy that the Modding Agreement requires you to give us (Greenheart Games) permission to use, adapt, build upon and distribute the mod (this is irrespective of what license you pick).

And as @Jari said earlier, even if you don’t specify a license you still own the copyright so ppl. can’t just go and copy/use your work as they wish.

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Thanks for the reply Patrick… I feel like some people don’t understand that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Creative Commons is not recommended for software, mainly because its incompatible with the (L)GPL, which is an older, similar license for software which is widely used. If you decide you want to use a GPLed jQuery library and your code is under CC-BY-SA, then you can’t, even though the intent is pretty much the same.

If you want a license to allow people to use your code, there are four you should choose from (none of these summaries are legal descriptions, or complete):

GPL - People can modify and redistribute your code, but their entire project must also be under the GPL.
LGPL - People can modify and redistribute your code, but their modifications to your code must be under the LGPL and contributed back to you.

The GPL and LGPL don’t specifically require attribution, but they do require you to redistribute the copyright notice with your code which will say something like Copyright 2013 <Your name>

BSD 3-Clause - People can do what they like, so long as they include your copyright notice, but don’t imply that you endorse their work.
BSD 2-Clause/MIT - People can do what they like, so long as they include your copyright notice (these are both functionally pretty much identical).

As well, do be aware that the modding agreement says that Green Heart Games have a separate license can do pretty much anything with your mod,

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or the MIT license!


I was mostly looking for a license that required others to attribute you, and out of the top of my head there was a CC license that allowed this.
But excellent examples and you’ve pretty much convinced me to switch now, haha.

We were mostly discussing about other mod creators ripping off eachother’s code, not GHG, but yes, the modding agreement is a required ‘extra’ license everyone should not forget about.

This is a hard lesson all modders (of any kind) learn sooner rather than latter.

Sometimes it is an honest mistake, the moderators will let the modder know that they have done wrong and the issue will be rectified.

Othertimes the stolen assets are hidden and hard to find and the modder tries to get away with it. A much harsher punishment is dealt out for this kind of behaviour.

Not plagiarizing other people’s work is a rule of life that applies from children in classrooms to adulthood.
It doesnt matter if its the internet, an art class, a book, movie or game. And yes, even mods. Theft, digital or real is never acceptable. Always seek permission from the owner or publisher.

Also as a side note, In my experience. The owners will nearly always say yes when given credit for their work in a transparent manner.


I think we will not really anymore with Venomous because this is the second time he does this. cough

And this is one of the reasons that following common etiquette and staying in other modders good graces is important!

sighs can’t modders give a third chance, since it is hard to code unique stuff for their mod anyways and the game code for Game Dev Tycoon is so confusing to look at even after beautifying it.

If you don’t understand the code in any way and can’t come up with original content why are you making a mod then? Not understanding anything of modding or not having any fantasy and giving up so fast will not help you making a successfull mod. They are no excuses for copying and stealing other mods content without permission. If you can’t do it, just don’t do it and stop with your mod.

@LineLiar I am saying it is hard to understand the code to code up new and unique stuff, that is why I am only adding Platforms, Events, Topics, and Researches in my mod.

Let it be like that then and then don’t come up with original stuff you stole from people. :slight_smile:

And @Venomous is that a bad thing?? My mod started excatly the same. And it’s still mostly only topics/events/platforms/researches. But I had the luck to be the first one with the custom researches (and to be the first working mod) out there.

@DzjengisKhan it’s not a bad thing. it might affect downloads since our mods are so similar in coding.

Well that may be, but you add different things (topics/events/platforms) then I do. So you’re mod only enhances the gameplay just like my mod does. They can go perfectly fine together.