Please help I can’t progress on ios

On iOS version every time I get in the first office my game score and profit go down yet my dev points get higher I had a look at graphs for combinations and it worked at first and then all of a sudden I make a sequel of a best seller, and improved on everything and then I get a reveiw saying “meh” this is the start of a quick fall into bankruptcy from 4 million to 0 the more I improved the worse it got I have now tried for countless hours trying to get in the next office it’s literally impossible I’ve followed the steam community guide to the letter please suggest something or even take a look into it cause it’s really annoying also important to note I did buy this Game so it’s not a pirated version

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Are you Playing Pirate mode that can have something to do with it. Or It isn’t that so then I can’t help you

Unfortunately no

Perhaps it’s just bad luck?

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