Overlapping text [Linux]


First run using Linux Mint 17, noticed a text overlap issue when I made my first game.

Linux Mint Cinnamon 17. 64 bit. Resolution 1600x900


Its the resolution combined with the weird Linux UI :frowning:


Not exactly a game breaker, but seeing that it shows up within a minute of playing and it should be a pretty quick fix, thought I’d throw it up here.


Dont know if you’ve noticed, but the Linux UI is considerably smaller than the Windows one. Or not? Anyway, it feels like it :stuck_out_tongue:


Being that I’m playing on Windows… I haven’t seen the Windows UI. :smiley:


is that using the latest Steam version? (1.5.7)


Hello people of 2014, I’m a time traveler from the year 2017 - sorry to be a downer, but we don’t have flying cars yet and this little glitch still hasn’t been fixed in Game Dev Tycoon.

My setup: Ubuntu 16.10 (Unity), NVIDIA GTX 960M, 1920x1080. Encountered in a freshly installed copy of Game Dev Tycoon, Version 1.5.28 (latest version in Steam).

As miR stated, it doesn’t affect gameplay too much, it’s just a bit surprising to see how old this issue is since it looks pretty sloppy and makes some dialogues hard to read.


sorry about that. I thought we fixed this a long time ago.


No worries, the game was still quite enjoyable despite it. You mention a version 1.5.7 in your post from 2014, however the version Steam installed is 1.5.28 - is it possible the Linux version in Steam is outdated?


I do think that is possible. I don’t know what is the newest version of GDT, but I do know that its not like they upload one file that works on all platforms I don’t think. I may be wrong. But I do think they have separate game files for each platform. But that could also mean that the versions could be different.


We investigated this further and it turns out that we did fix this just recently on the Mac version but we hadn’t pushed the change to linux yet. We’ll do this with the next update.


Right on, thanks for giving this some attention, it’s really nice to see you value us Linux gamers :slight_smile: