[OUTDATED] EyeCandyMod

Thanks for the idea’s, Ehm I am not really sure, waiting for the next version of UME to come out.


10 new Engine Parts

4 new topics

Thanks for all the downloads.

I am glad you guys liked the mod.

We like the mod because you did a great job with it, continue doing a great job with the mod and we will like it much more

Thanks, the next update will be when the newest version of UME comes out.

Be sure to download current version!

I haven’t tried the mod yet but an engine part i thought was missing was like a Randomly Generated world addition to the engine part of development. Like they have in Minecraft and dungeon based RPG’s. Can’t wait to download

Thanks for the suggestion, I am pretty sure it is called “Procedurally Generated Terrain”. I’ll include it in my next update,

Great idea.

If you don’t mind sir, can you please put in the name of parts and topics you add please. Just so I know what is new >> after using your mod for a while I don’t know what was updated and what wasn’t lol Also naming topics is helpful in case other mods make them so I know which mods are adding double. Sorry if this sounds pushy <<

EDIT: the topics I am having doubles that I can tell are
Tower Defense
Dark Fantasy

The only one that is in my mod is Platform

I`m having issues with some topics too, but i think that happens when two mods add the same topic, and then you research the topic, but the other is unlocked, and the first topic became impossible to research.

Suggestion: Disable the mod who adds the second topic (the researched one) research the first one and then able the mod again.

I don’t know if that’s your problem @yutterh, but i`m having it

@Tyler_Moore, if you maybe create a beta of your mod, could you leave be a tester?

Isn’t needed

Okay, but if someday you create a beta; remember me :wink:

I have been having some problems with UME, I am pretty sure my test of my new update was because of an error with platforms, so my new update will be delayed.

This is pretty much finished, their wont be much updates anymore, as I only intended it to add a couple things on my mind.

I am planning a new update to refresh this mod, I love the support you guys have all given me. I mean I have achieved over 800 downloads on my mod. This is crazy for me. So I will be making a new update containing some of the suggestions I have been given.

I haven’t dissapeared I just different interests right now.

Heya @Tyler_Moore

Please feel free to list you rmod on this page using the template provided

1700 downloads. this is too much for me