Norwegian bokmål translation


Daniel and Patrick are away at a conference at the moment. They will have a look at your pull requests when they get back. Thank you for the help!


But i sent the pull request a month ago.


I am sure @PatrickKlug or @DanielKlug will take a look when they get back and have some spare time.


I humbly request permission to write to the Github repo, oh big @Charlie.


I think @PatrickKlug is still working on sorting something out since we no longer have the translate site. Best ask him when he returns. :cookie:


@Erling_Kristian Sorry for the really late pull request handling. I’ve manually merged your pull request now.


Anyone still interested in translating the game? Its quite a low activity.


Does anyone know how much that is left?


Please check out the Github repository.


I have added some new changes, I am ready to spend hours on translating now. I want Norwegian to be in the game! If someone wants to join me, it would be perfect. Also hoping for that @DanielKlug and @PatrickKlug can merge these changes. It has been a real deathtime on Github the last months.