Norwegian bokmål translation


Hey @Jimbo8 Just register here and start adding suggestions!
I see the Norwegian - B translation is at 27.4% :clap: well done guys, its coming along nicely!


I wil join too


Its been a while since I was in here.
Good to see that the translation has been up to a good start.


I’m very dissaspointed that the norwegian letters “æ”, " ø" and “å” is not supported. These are important letters.


Aren’t all characters supposed to be supported? Have you accidentally set your keyboard layout to another language in Windows? (or whatever OS you’re using)

Other translators have been able to use them.


They’re not supported by Game Dev Tycoon.


Are you sure? :stuck_out_tongue:


It wasn’t before :stuck_out_tongue: I remember I tried in my mod.


But the translating-website is changing ø with #%%@%@%&#&@.


Charlie, can you upgrade me too? I’m native norwegian and been helping the translation lately.


Upgraded :smile:


Hi, I am back and I will start contributing more to the project.


There is something wrong with the website. I cant login, register or look at the translations.


@Charlie, is the website still down or is my account just f*ked? :stuck_out_tongue:


@Stian The site is up but I believe it is only semi functional. @Erling_Kristian has reported the lack of support for special characters. You are better off making changes on Github at the moment while we work on the site. Also you may need to make a new account to use the translate site but last I heard we were trying to avoid that also. So for the moment Github is the way to go!


I join the translation too with this profile:
Let`s finish this :smile:

Hei jeg blir med i oversettingen med denne profilen:
La oss fullføre dette :slight_smile:


@PatrickKlug @DanielKlug

I cant Fork this:


You mean creating a pull request.




I have spent hours in translating the game, but no one have accepted my pull request yet? Have i done it the right way?