Ninja Jumper by Unathe

Hello Guys,

Currently we are developing two games, the already announced Game dev Tycoon game (Simply named GameDEV), and Ninja Jumper. Ninja Jumper is a Platform game (for android and desktop) were you much reach the goal in every level (normally reaching a star in a certain part). In every level there are several things to do: take out enemy`s, unlocking secrets, rescueing people and collecting (usable) items. You will get a score for every level you complete based on time and completeness…

Currently this game is already in early progress which means: the character is done and working(we are working on a character selecter, since we made 23 versions), the basic art is made and the psychics of the game are working.

(little mock-up screen)

(Main Menu)

(Level selector)

In the upcoming weeks/months more info will be released, also we will like to hear some ideas and will be glad to answer questions about the game.

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You should develop the game that has the most progress first, developing 2 games at a time isn’t smart, especially with only two people that are not specialized in the same thing.

Yeah, just develop 1 at a time.
And finish it this time pls

Both games has another programmer, one programmer has 1,5 year experience, and the one from this game about a half year. Also this game will be a lot easier to programm since it doesn`t need complex programming (play-test would be around soon since already a lot is done !)

This game is already almost done, we currently are working at extra features and polishing up the looks of the game (if you compare our first character for this game and the current one`s you see a lot of improvement)


-Added Main Menu
-Added a better mock-up screen

Will it have a story?


Yes the game will have a story, although we are still writing it, an individual who has writing as his passion/hobby (experience with anime`s and bookstorys) is willing to write it for us. Once we have it almost done we will post it here on the forums and at the Steam Greenlight concept page.

If you have any other questions, we are glad to answer them

To be even more precise, there will be a different story for every character (each versions has at least 5 colors to choose from), we choose for this to expand the playtime :wink:

@GamePro075 Awesome! How much is it gonna cost?

Well, I guess somewhere in the range of 7,5-15 euro`s

-Added a new hazard: Spikes
-Updated the level selector (the white boxes will have screens of the levels)

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say whaaaaaaa

You should give notice that all you see is not final, and that the game will be free on android :wink: only the desktop version will cost money (we will release a poll for it)

well 7,50 seems pretty faire, we put loads of effort and money in this game :slight_smile: also, the game is still in progress, and is getting better and better, if we compare our first character with our latest we see an large improvement (although I must say that we are still working on everything)


-Work has started on the android version
-Character selector is in progress
-We are thinking about new options to expand the options for the player which concerns the character and levels.

What kind of improvement? Will they have extra parts or combat abilities?

Like in the art style for example, the first one looked rubbish if compared to this (and this isn`t final art, so it would be better once I have some time to work on it). Also we are always looking for new ideas/improvements for the character to make it more interactive

Parkour abilities (Climbing on walls, jumping combos) would fit good in this game :wink:

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