New Year's forum resolution: More focused on gaming, no more off-topic chats

Last year I’ve observed a trend towards even more off-topic chats on the forum and while we do delete some of them several people complain that the forum is devolving into a place for chats without a clear goal.

I think it’s better a little late than never, so I’m calling to refocus our community on gaming and banish topics that are just off-topic chats.

It is still allowed to talk about non-gaming stuff in the general category but as a rule, if a non-gaming topic doesn’t enable a constructive conversation, it will be deleted.

Hopefully this will clean up the forum and make it a more attractive place for everyone.


Me too… do we have to keep the news topics though too ;-; they seem kind of silly.

which topics?

Things like

No, this is clearly an example that doesn’t enable a constructive conversation. I deleted it.

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Sorry about that. I just thought people could just read a basic summary on what’s happening on the forums. Again sorry.

No worries, the topic itself was nicely written. I guess this was a case were the comments following the post made the entire topic fall into the ‘not constructive’ category.

Yes I was aware of those annoying off-topic posts. Eh it was fun while it lasted. Also @FrancoGamer has many off topic and weird threads that should be looked at.



Yay! :smiley:

I think that part of the problem is that at this point we barely have anything to talk about. We have gone 2 years without any news and have nothing to be excited about at this point. We already know how GDT works, we already know how good we all are, we already know each other’s favourite games… we pretty much have done everything we can at this point and then the forum ends up as becoming off-topic. I’m sure that releasing at least some news, or giving us some small updates over a certain span of time would help the forum more with becoming more game-related than removing topics will. That’s just my personal opinion.


I completely agree with you.

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FrancoGamer: “Lol. This is a joke, ri–”

FrancoGamer is banned

Srry for the double post.

Are ‘What is your favorite …?’ threads allowed?


if it’s gaming-related, yes.

Thank you :+1: