New Gaming PC (Maybe suggestions?)


Dude Haxor, double posting on a thread like this isn’t bad, since it’s not a very serious thread


Darn you. I barely have any money lol. Well, looks like you’re going to spend thousands of days playing there:D. PC MASTER RACE


Sorry. Won’t happen again :frowning: ]


Double posting on a thread like this isn’t bad imo, since this is a thread for casual chat. But on mod topics/official you should try to stick to 1 post for a question/comment though :smile:


@DzjengisKhan windows 8.1 is better performance wise, but if you can’t be bothered adjusting to the “metro” UI (or installing a program to bring the start menu back windows 7 would be much better


Just wait for Windows 9 lol (if it will ever exist)


Yea I’ll probably get windows 8.1 since more and more programs are being focused on it.
But does everything else look good to you @Rex0099? :smiley:


You’re getting 2 290x’s, right?


I was gone for 10 HOURS, and look how many posts this thread has.


It’s @DzjengisKhan, he already made topic with most posts and views.


That has nothing to do with this thread :stuck_out_tongue: this has so many comments because the awesome community want to give me advice on my pc :smiley:


so you will use windows 7? windows 8 has better speed


No I will probably go for windows 8.1 :smiley:


What’s the difference between 8 and 8.1


Not sure tbh :stuck_out_tongue: But 8 isn’t even available anymore (I think)




I heard that in the next year or early 2016 they will realese windows 9


lol windows 9 willl actually exist?


of course, in 2019 that is :slight_smile:


sorry Khan…

but you must remember about your seat!
it must be comfy!