New Gaming PC (Maybe suggestions?)


I know :smiley: That’s why I’m also looking for a more comfortable office chair (although I probably get that from my parents :stuck_out_tongue:) ^^


you NEED to have a swirly chair.

i don’t know WHY you need it, but you need to have it :0


I do have one and I go like a tornado when games load.


I would have gone for bigger powersupply like 1200 , and 16gb ram instead of 12, bigger pw supply becouse you thinking to run 2 good graphic cards, but i would have gone for nvidia graphic card for better graphic experience as amd share ram with pc, else it looks like a good gaming pc


Heres an Idea swap the asus motherboard for a gigabyet one and keep the nvidia card while getting another smaller ssd 128 maybe and putting OSX on it… JUST BECAUSE


@C3po5000 OSX? really?


1200 is unnecessary and expensive.


My plans have changed a bit to be honest, since I’m going to order my PC on a different site ( :smiley:

@odda79 I will switch to 16GB RAM, but I will keep the 850 power supply since it’s more then enough.

And @C3po5000, I’m going to swap 1 HDD for an 128GB SSD to run Minecraft on, and keep the 1TB HDD for normal storage.

And as much as I would love to take 2 amd 290x’s, they are a bit to expensive so I will stick with the 2 GTX 780’s ^^

I also swapped my cooling to a better liquid cooler (Asetek 570LX), changed the motherboard to a ASUS Z97-PRO and changed the processor to a i7-4790k 4.0GHz. Besides that I added a 300 Mbps wireless adapter and a ASUS Xonar DX 7.1 sound card :smile:


still if you swap out ur Asus board for a gigabyte one you can have native support for running osx and sense 10.10 will have comparability with ios 8 it may benefit you if u have a iphone

then at any point in time u can install a small hard drive or ssd just for osx


I won’t be running OSX anyway, so really no point for me to switch the motherboard. I’m not really an Apple person you see ^^


oh well worth a shot

still no reason to limit ur self as at any time if u decided u could add it

good build if you stay with it still :smile:


No, OS X would never work well with a gaming PC, if you want a gaming PC, Windows is the way to go


Yea maybe, more flexibillity is always good ^^

But most programs I use are windows focused, so I’ll probably stick with windows for a long time. If I ever decided to switch to OSX (in a couple of years maybe) technology will probably have been improved even further so I would probably just buy a new board anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

And thanks ^^ The build will probably stay like this, since I really like it and it’s gonna look awesome (since it’s gonna have some neon green lighting + case fans + wiring :smile:)


Well, that is true right now, but it will become easier to make games for both windows and OSX since engines are being improved a lot lately :smile: So who knows what can happen in 3 years right? :smiley:




honestly Im gonna build a new pc soon with all the bells and gigabytes when the new Maxwell cards come out because of broadwell and DDR 4

so if you want u could even wait a little longer a have a much more powerful machine for the same $$$


Don’t get two 780’s. Get two 290’s (non-X) they are faster than the 780’s. While being ~100 dollars cheaper.


He’s right, DDR4 got announced not too long ago (ram speed) and the 8xx / r7/9 3xx series GPU’s are coming in the next few months too. (And broadwell is coming out soon, but it’s pretty much a better cooled haswell, with a little overclocking advantage)

I wouldn’t go nVidia for any reason right now. They are overpriced, and AMD is beating them in benchmarks.


The 290’s are actually more expensive then the 780 on the site where I order my PC, it will cost me 80 dollars more to switch to 290’s


Hm, maybe you shouldn’t be using that site, lol. A good 290 cost’s around 370-400, while a good 780 cost’s around 500-600 dollars.


Well, I’ll keep using the site, since it offers me the most options. But maybe I can find a way to save money on other components to upgrade to the 290, but otherwise I think I’ll stick with the 780’s