New Gaming PC (Maybe suggestions?)


You should build one @DzjengisKhan, it’s really easy. 6-9 parts, and you can’t put stuff in the wrong place, the parts will only go in one slot, one certain way. Only two things to worry about building a PC, is make sure you touched something metal before touching the motherboard, and to not play with the CPU cooler outside of it’s casing (The thermal paste will get dust in it, and will make the CPU temps higher)

I can put a good build for you together. Also, I wouldn’t get two 780’s. I’d get two R9 290’s, as one beats a 780, so two would beat two 780’s :b

You could wait a few months, when the new generation of GPU’s come out (GTX 8xx/R7/9 3xx), and the older stuff will be cheaper, or you can get the new hardware. Supposed to be insane fast.

I wouldn’t get more than 8GB’s of ram. Me and a few friends did a test, on rendering two long videos, having a photoshop open, about 50 tabs in chrome(with random news sites open), and 2 games running in the background, and it only used about 15GB’s of ram.

Now, chrome probably took up the most of it, at about 5GB’s of ram, the two games probably took up 3 together, that leaves 7 to render two videos and photoshop open. So, you do not need anymore than 8, and when the time comes that you need more than 8, we will have DDR4.

I’d also drop one HDD, and get a SSD, you’ll notice a huge difference in load/boot up times, not only in your OS, but in your programs.

And I wouldn’t get Windows 7. Mainstream support ends in a few months, so you can’t even buy it after that. And if something messes up with it, you can’t call up Microsoft asking for help, as they can’t help you unless you pay them. I’d go with 8.1, as it’s faster in games, a 5-25% performance increase, and if you don’t use the metro screen, it feels identical to 7. (Source: I use 8.1)


I know putting a pc together isn’t difficult, but I don’t have the right stores in my surroundings to buy all of the components, and like I said, I still prefer it to be done by professionals ^^

And are you sure the R9 290x beats the 780? Because on every comparison site I compared them the 780 won.

The 12GB RAM will probably stay though since it’s only €30,- more and some extra is always good :stuck_out_tongue:

And it’s true that the SSD will make a huge difference, but I really think (because I would probably get a 500GB) the price is just a bit to much. However, my father can probably get Windows 7 or 8 for 20 euros or something so maybe I drop the OS and use that money to buy the SSD.

Small question though: would 850 watt be enough to run everything?


Yes. It should be enough.
I think the R9 290x is cheaper though.


It is, it saves me €90,- in total if I would pick the R9 290x


You can do 2x R9 290x in crossfire too, as your motherboard supports it.
The 780 should be a bit better (10% or such), but is more expensive than the R9 290X


Do you think it’s worth the 90 euro?




Fair enough, forgot you don’t live in America :b

And the 290(non-x) beats the 780, the 780Ti beats the 290x by a little.

If you can get two 290x’s cheaper than two 780’s, you’ll be getting a big upgrade.

And yeah, I’d drop the OS, you can get it else where for cheaper (No, not pirating, legit, you buy keys, not the whole CD package)

And yes, 850 will be more than enough, even for overclocking everything.


Look here at the 290 vs 780 benchmarks. The 290 beats it in pretty much every game.


Hmm I guess that’s a point I still have to decide on :stuck_out_tongue: But personally my preference has always gone to Nvidia but if the 290x (because I will go for the 290x) is really better maybe I should buy that one.


and it’s weird because on this site the 780 is better :confused:


That’s because GPUboss is a biased site, :b there was a big deal about it awhile back, as they listed a 760 better than a 280x (it’s much, much faster than a 760)

I wouldn’t use any site that has the word boss in it (cpuboss/hddboss/etcboss) as they are all owned by the same people.

The 290x will blow the 780 out of the water though.

Also, look at the comments on the bottom of the page, lol

anyways, it also depends on what you’re getting and such.

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Do you know a price for that? How much it’s going to cost?


And it seems perfect for graphics set to Ultra/High to me.


It’s going to cost around 2000 ~ 2500 euros (with a 2nd monitor and keyboard included)


Stehp double posting >:C