New Gaming PC (Maybe suggestions?)


t.t… it still is.


It is (luckly) :stuck_out_tongue: Because I don’t like windows 8 haha




It isn’t outdated and it is still supported. Why do you even think it isn’t available?


in the stores here they ony sell stupid windows 8


Maybe it depends on where you live, you can still buy it in here (netherlands) in several stores







it’s exactly the same.
go look on

Try to assemble it yourself. It isn’t hard to do. There are plenty of tutorials and such of how to do it.
And you’re off cheaper.

I get my stuff from my local computer store &

is echt veel goedkoper dan op zo’n site krijgen.


It isn’t exactly the same :wink:

processor+motherboard are different. And about assembling it myself, well, I’m lazy xD And I rather have it done professionally and done well in the first time :smiley:

Even if it might be a bit more expensive.

But I’m also thinking about ordering it on IronsideComputers


Building own PC isn’t hard, but 1 stupid move can broke motherboard/CPU/RAM/Everythingelse


well, if you are stupid enough to throw water in the case or cause a static charge thing.


Throw water in the case? I wanted to do that for free water cooling :wink:


You have some mistakes…
I have fixed them for you:

Well, if you are stupid enought to have convulsion(I hope that’s how you call it).


One last question:

  • Razer BlackWidow Ultimate
  • Razer DeathStalker

Which one of the 2 would you suggest?


Thought they are pretty similar…


The BlackWidow Ultimate is more configurable and has mechanical switches :smiley:


And it looks better :stuck_out_tongue:
Then I choose it for 80%


True :stuck_out_tongue: And if I’m gonna buy an expensive PC I better also buy an expensive keyboard to go with it ^^