Multiplayer anyone?


Hello! I just wanted to see if anyone here wanted to play together using a multiplayer mod for GDT, called GDTMP, if so, please contact me on Skype or steam.
Steam: paulrson321
Skype: pjr8271966


actually, GDTMP is not working.


@soniczcat actually the new version is working.


so want to play then? :smiley:




pls I have tried all my friends lol


Alrighty ill message you on steam once I re download it


I mean skype


Okay, just add me


also do you have a server?


I’ll have to use hamachi, since XFinity is shit at port forwarding


No, when i mean not working i mean tge server provider is dead for a long time.


Seems to be working


Just curious, if it works, prove it then.


Then tell me why it worked for me and @pjr8 lol


It truly worked, and was very fun.


@pjr8 one last time, if it truly works, prove it by sending me via screenshots. Otherwise, this hole ‘Multiplayer shenanigans’ is a False Alarm. :unamused:


lol if you have friends you can try it you’re self lmao, if you have any…


face palm


you’re face palming does not make sense lol, if you do have friends find out for you’re self dude.

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