Multiplayer anyone?


well i just downloaded this mod for multi-player and you said you wanted proof that it works well here you go


Interesting. If it works, then would you mind giving me the setups how you got it to work?

Because whenever i download and manually run it, it would pop up an error whenever I loaded a new game.


its pretty simple lol


Unless your name is GOOGLE, Don`t act as if you know everything. facepalm @Legopigman101


Maybe his name IS Google :stuck_out_tongue:


lol, boi i’ve been on this forum longer then you.


Then why you didnt change your profile then?

And dont just tell me yet, im already tired of you being smart arse. So without futher ado, im going to start ignoring your complement.


Lets not take your comment in hole 'nother level.

Besides did you finish adding the lock-on feature for the “Accurate Mod”? i have been asking this since September 16th, 2015. Time is ticking!


Like I have said a couple times before, I am working on a different mod. I would just rather spend my time on mods that actually contribute something unique.

Eventually, maybe I will look into it again.


Without Any Response, this Multiplayer Request is false alarm.


· Interesting enough @Vertex1011 was created the same day as he posted. not even a second or third post.
· The Server, “” doesn’t exist, Trying to connect will give you an error.
· Possibly used additional Plugins to trick of user making it seemed to be working.
· And last but not least, no tutorial was ever shown to make it work.

To prevent this from on-going argument, this topic shall be closed. Reasons Above


Above Is False, gdt players , try it you’re self instead of relying on a troll.


Send me the code files for the mod. I can check to see if its real or whatever your problem is.


Okay I got the code I do not see why you think this mod is a fake or whatever. Looks real to me.


Have you tried setting up a server? ( like LogmeIn Hamachi ) Because most server providers are dead since the mod camed LONG time ago


Server providers? These servers are provided by people who use they’re own network and computer as a server. I can setup a server for the mod right now you don’t need “server providers”


Sorry, i just don’t know much about the “Servers” in the nutshell. And yes, please setup a server so i can at least try the multiplayer for once.


To set up a server you open a port on your internet network and then use your computers public IP address with the port to connect.


I wish i could, but i don’t have the control of my IP. meaning im not the Admin of my IP.


You were really just being super rude to people a few posts ago and now you’re trying to rely on them to host a server for you?

What even.


Suit yourself then.