Mods that are broken?

Hi, I just recently tried to load my savefile (with mods, I can’t run my company without them :grinning:) but while it was loading a screen told me that “There is a mismatch in between these mods” and it gave me the two mods that were causing the problem. I loaded anyway, and I decided to check my mod menu. I enabled both and restarted the game, and the error loading screen is gone but now when I try to develop a new game, it always gives me this and I can’t get past it:

Is there anything I can do or do I have to start over again? Thanks in advance.

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Hi there!
Fiddling with mods during a playthrough can sometimes cause a save file to become corrupt. Try hitting the ‘ESC’ key to go back to the main menu. From there, you can try loading an earlier autosave.
Please make sure you have the same mods installed and enabled that you were using when you started this playthrough!

Let me know if that helps. :green_heart: