Mod Loading Error


Pruff60, try doing what I originally told you with the renaming thing.
In my file heirarchy, folder /mods_ws/gtd-modAPI does not exist, so
renaming /mods_ws/gtd-modAPI to /mods_ws/gtd-modAPI.bak essentially
deletes the unneseccary folder.

And yes Pruff, the beginning was directed towards Kizza :stuck_out_tongue:


Go into the GDT installation folder, and delete everything in the ugc and mods_ws folders, then relaunch the game


What you are saying will do nothing, the mod-API folder isn’t in the mods_ws folder


I put mod-API into the Mods_ws folder


Kizza, I think that the error is something universal caused by the mod API rather than the mods themselves. And yes exactly, the mod-API folder should not be in the mods_ws folder, but I think that Game Dev is doing some sort of redundancy check in that folder for the API files and having the API files in two places is causing a contradiction. It can’t hurt either way. :slight_smile:


Move it back to the mods folder.


It’s in both places actually right now, see my very brief tutorial post.

In the original error message, it said that the API was missing from the mods_ws folder and the mods folder, which is why I asked Pruff to copy it to both.


I’m gonna try Roguebantha first. If that doesn’t work then I’ll go with your plan, Stan


Ignore what @Roguebantha is saying, what he is saying won’t do anything


If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. Its worth a try at least.


Then enjoy wasting your time :stuck_out_tongue:

As you can see, gdt-modAPI is only in my mods folder and not my mods_ws folder, and i have no issues


So it seems the mod_ws folder keeps deleting the API for some reason. No idea why. So @KizzaGaming I’ll do your method


heres a simple idea, try re installing the game


Do I just uninstall it via steam or what?


yep, uninstall via steam


Same error message. Nothing Changed.


I dunno then :stuck_out_tongue:


FML :frowning: Back to the drawing board.


Let me do a revision here; Which mods seem to have an error and which work


The mods_ws folder is under control of Greenworks / Steamworks, that means that mods are installed, uninstalled (and hence folders removed) based on subscriptions.

If you copy / edit stuff in this folder, chances are very high that you will lose them. What does that mean? It means that you generally shouldn’t bother to work on or with the “mods_ws” folder :wink:

@Pruff60 Are you still having the problem?