Maybe a guide to the development stages, is a little bit more complicated than it seems

Am thinking that using bar presets for a specific genre might not always be a good idea.
There is alot of perfectionists, including me who are searching for a formula to always get a 10/10 rating on our games, in Game Dev Tycoon.
I have recently seen a thread:

Which shows what combinations work, and what to do in the development stages saying just use the same percentages or use the same bar levels (idk what to call it) for a specific genre.
The game even suggests it in the development stages itself, so you would think that would be the case. Just use the same bar thing, level and with a few other factors right, you have yourself a 10/10 game.
Now what are those factors, well I am thinking that specific topics work better with a specific genre than others.
Does anyone know how to validate that, or have suggestions on how to?

Time allocation sliders is what i shoulda called em’, lol.