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Magic Candy Lala Land

This game is a great time waster! Whenever I’m bored I pull out my Ipad and play! The textures are wonderful, and it all sets a happy mood. While it is just a small, simple game, it has had much deeper thought into how to structure it.

Recommended to anyone who often needs to waste some time. 8/10


Space Junk

Meteor! Meteor! It’s time for Doublecast, Ivalice’s favorite video game review radio show! Here’s your host, the ever-versatile Akamadoushi!

Today we have a very special flashback episode of Doublecast, in which I’ll be reviewing the classic Meteors. This wasn’t the most popular game when it was originally released on PC. In fact, it sold only 7,800 copies. It was later re-released as an arcade cabinet, where it did see more commercial success. Even people who haven’t played or even seen one of the cabinets in person is familiar with this game, though. It’s one of those early titles that really set the tone for the entire industry, and has become and integral and immediately recognizable part of pop culture.

As it would be unfair to compare Meteors to contemporary titles, I’ll give this review with the hardware limitations in mind.

Meteors wasn’t the first game to display vector graphics, but it certainly did a lot to popularize them in an industry where it seemed raster was the way to go. The minimalist, even for its era, display gives just enough detail to get the point across and not an ounce more. No distracting visual effects or bright colors. Just your ship, the meteors, and the occasional hostile alien. These simple graphics make Meteors stand out against its contemporaries, and later titles to come. It’s this unique visual style that helped cement Meteors as a classic.

The gameplay is very simple and intuitive. Meteors is easy to learn, for just about anyone. The only commands are move and fire. Each level gets harder than the last, with more meteors and more frequent aliens. The objective is to destroy all of the meteors on each stage. Killing aliens isn’t mandatory, but awards bonus points. There is no story to speak of, it’s all about blowing up space rocks.

Meteors is fun for short stints. However, gameplay gets repetitive fairly early. Each level is the same thing, but harder. And sure, the same can be said of other games from this era, but at least Space Conquerers had you protecting the Earth. All the most popular games of this era have something that set them apart, and in the case of Meteors, that something is graphics.


  • Vector graphics
  • Unique, recognizable style
  • Memorable sound effects
  • Simple, intuitive gameplay


  • Gets repetitive
  • No plot, just rocks

Final Verdict:

6.25 out of 10!

Next up, a new title by Horse-Drawn Games; a tactical RPG called Plague Symphony.


Plague Symphony is a Masterpeice!

Plagues Plagues Everywhere!
It Seems That ** Horse-Drawn Games** Knows What There Doing When it Comes To
Medieval RPG-Strategys! In This Game You Try To Prevent Plagues From Overtaking a Village, You Do This
By Simply Grabing Items And Giving Them To The Alchemist. On The Way You Have To Fight Bandits,Thieves,
And Soldiers From Enemy Towns!


  • Stunning Graphics!
  • Amazing Combat!
  • Hours Of Gameplay!
  • Good Logical Mini-games!


  • Silent Protaganist
  • Boring Travel

OverAll I Give This Game a 9/10


Big In Japan attempts to emulate the popular “kaiji” (Great Beast) genre of movies such as Godzilla, MechaGodzilla and MechaGodzilla Hearthcatch. Unfortunatelty it does so with the grace of a man in a rubber suit waddling around a cardboard city.

Controls are unresponsive and gameplay is quickly frustrated because you can’t walk more than a few steps in any direction without nudging a car and causing it to explode off your foot. The best way to progress in this game seems to be to throw trees at the city until “Sugoi-Tron” (Ugh) shows up for the boss battle.

Also several lines of dialogue for the game are rendered in Anglicised Japanese and presumably reference some obscure scene in some movie but I can’t say for sure because there’s no translation.

I’ll be using my copy to hold up the corner of my desk.

3.5 - Maybe worth picking up if your a monster nerd but otherwise avoid like the plague.

Next up: Fabulous Maximum for TES


When I was handed this title to review, I was admittedly dubious. The box art depicts a trio of models One dressed as a goth chick, a roman chick and a… clown with a hat taller than she was.

To those who only take one glance at this, it would seem like a very pedestrian aimed at little girls fashion game. However…take a 2nd glance under the hood and you begin to see the genius of this game.

You start out as a budding fashion designer with one store to your name. Your goal is dominance of the worldwide fashion market. You browse and buy fabric types, spend time developing new outfits with said fabric, scout and hire models to wear your new outfits at shows and also stock and maintain your store so you have enough product to sell and make money with.

Here is the kicker: Underneath this frou frou little girl’s game beats the heart of a roguelike. Yes, a Roguelike. Every play through the prices and qualities of the various fabrics are randomized. You may have dominated the markets with your demaske and purple lace Victorian classical dresses in one game only to have them labeled as ‘A small step up from a dirty dish towel’ in the next.

You have 6 AI competitors in each game. and they must play by the same rules you do. In every playthrough, 5 of them will pretty much stick to the same type of clothing no matter what, and thus tend to do only modest business unless a trend shifts in their favor. The 6th opponent is portrayed as your ‘rival’ and plays dangerously genre savy. They seem to be perfectly aware of the values given to each trend and fabric each playthrough and adopt their play to account for that.

If you are just a little kid, the beauty of the details may be lost to you, but that doesn’t mean you’ll fail at every game. If you just want to do your own thing and make pretty dresses, you’ll still survive. You’ll be about as competitive as one of the static AI opponents. This teaches you that if you just do what you like, you’ll do OK, but you really have to step it up if you want to be #1.

All in all, I had a blast with this title and recommend it highly. This is the rare fashion game that is NOT just some tacky cash grab. 9.75: Outstanding!


Time Chasers

Time Chasers tells the story of a group of renegade historians, moving through time trying to record the events that have been lost to known history. You see dinosaurs roaming the Earth, Romans attacking Carthage, Knights ransacking the town of Puddlemere and more.

Released for the Gameling, the graphics and level of detail of things game are astonishing. Even with the limitation of the grayscale screen, the developers have managed to create a real and detailed world for every time period. The soundtrack doesn’t quite match the graphical achievement, but that can mostly be attributed to the lacking hardware of the platform. The gameplay is great, the logic puzzles are fun to play and the action scenes with for example the Knights of the Star table are very well done. The story however, could be better.

You play as John. John is a history student at the Buckor Academy of Science. Your Indian history professor, Rashid, has ties to a relatively unknown high society club known as the Time Chasers. During one of your classes, Rashid has to leave quickly due to reasons he isn’t willing to say. John needs one of the books that he lent the professor back though, and John follows him.

The first part of the story follows John while he tries to keep up with Rashid, this continues until he descends down a staircase John has never seen in the building before. Now at the basement of the Academy, John finds the equipment of the elusive Time Chasers.

This is where the main story starts. Unfortunately, this is also where the story starts to fail. Time travel is a notorious difficult thing to write about. Paradoxes in the storytelling spring up everywhere, the writers seemingly unable to tie it all together without creating something that mostly resembles a disastrous spaghetti dish of plot threads.

• Excellent graphics
• Great gameplay

• Game plot and background story are a mess.

Score: 7.5 out of 10

My own game:

Virtual reality mining for young players, on my custom console: the Rad Box 2

(New member… damn rules.)
Game image



MMORE is a game about a single man, alone in the world, who has taken to mining and building objects and structures. As flimsy of a premise as this is, it makes for quite a fun game.

The game randomly generates structures and worlds, which can amount to endless exploration in the single-player mode, but the multiplayer is even better. The player-interaction works perfectly, with the best voice and text chat I’ve ever seen on a console release, and there are many features specifically tailored to multiplayer:the enemies become stronger and more numerous, and each player can follow their own path in the storyline.

While the single-player game is mostly about exploration, the multiplayer is dedicated to finding notes, books, diaries, and other clues as to the origin of the world and how you arrived there. There are multiple paths you can take to solve the mystery, and each player can choose which path to follow, though you are locked into a certain pathway if you make certain choices on that path. You can destroy a crystal orb to escape, fashion a new orb to create your own world, or even join up with a villain and rule over the world.

The controls worked perfectly, the items you could make with the crafting system were numerous and diverse, the writing was top-notch, the voice acting was professional, the graphics and sound were excellent, and the random world generation was extremely impressive, with a vast number of possible structures and areas that all fit in with each other.


The next game:

Ronald is a prison-simulation that focuses on the escape attempts of the main character, Ronald. After being caught and imprisoned in a foreign country, he learns that the prison isn’t as easy on criminals as the USA’s prisons.


Ronald - Prison Escape with a bit of Sumo Cops

At first I thought Ronald would just be another point of view on prison simulation, but it turns out to be a game with randomly-generating Japanese prisons, trying to escape not only the cops, but the very many men who want to murder you. The game contains guns, gore, blood, vulgar scenes (not to mention what happens when the nasty people get a hold of ya). Really, you can get a sense why this game was rated M. However, you can’t really escape unless you somehow get the floor plans to the prison, as well as the ventilation map, and pinpoint a path to freedom. Just watch out. The cops have guns, tasers, and sumo bellies.

Enjoyment Rating: 7.75/10
Content Rating: Red

The game to be rated next:

Magiz is a game about a man in medieval times using magic to try and destroy a corrupted force, controlled by a single, red-eyed man, to save the world. The game features a spell system whereas you create the spells yourself, gathering different pages that contain the words to different spell components that you can put in your spellbook.


#Magiz Review

Another review from IGM! Well, start-up SnappGamez has released a great debut called Magiz!


Well, running on the old Widows 80 you might say it has a bit of a limitation, but Magiz smashes through that boundary! To do this, they had to actually contact Realbigsoft and ask for their own custom hard/soft/firmware to make Magiz possible. It paid off greatly. Even with some out-dated sounds and fuzzy, glitched graphics, it was an over-the-top game with over-the-top visuals.


Magiz is a great game with a lot of features. SnappGamez’s future looks promising! I hope they make a sequel.



Since he didnt add any image to his own game, I will. The game is called Tofu Fu, A martial arts game for the G64. Made by SATI Corp LLC


((Bumping for Great Justice and I also wanted to add my newest review))

Tofu Fu
Suzaku game magazine is here to share the story of SATI Corp LLC a new fledgling game developer who has released their own game from their own garage.

Tofu starts with a quirky premises about a Tofu Fu gaining sentience after its “master” was killed by a dojo destroyer. Aside for the quirky setup not much more of the story is developed in game or in the manual, and instead you travel to different set pieces that only offer few changes in theme despite the large install space. What sets this game apart from other games in its genre is the innovative use of varied enemies and characters that you instantly recognize. However despite this its biggest down fall is its short play time, awkward controls, and bad level design.

Despite these flaws Tofu Fu is a diamond in the rough that if polished with a more experienced developer behind the helm or additional staff to shore up rough edges.

Rating 6.75 Meh with sough sparking gleam of hope.

From Valve Developer in their first self published medium game and the definitive version of Airplane 2. (Playstem had the original Airplane 2 which was 6.75, and Airplane 1 was also PC with a 8.)


Airplane 2 is a sequel to the very unique and special game: Airplane 1.

Airplane 2 isn’t just a normal airplane/simulator, Valve Developer has gone to the third dimension and their game is now in 3D. You start with a normal dude named ‘John Feet’ in the year 2020, you get send back in time by accident because you fell down a building and got struck by lightning. John wakes up in the cockpit of an airplane, he forgot his last name, so he named himself ‘John Feet’.

While it’s a simulation game, it has a great story and it’s one of the first 3D games we’ve seen.
This game deserves a 10/10.


Since the last poster didn’t insert a image of his game, i’m posting one:


#Gotta obey the rules dawg! Cuz ur the Bus driver!
Simplify amazing graphics and gameplay. No wonder 4 year old kids are complaning cuz they DONT KNOW HOW TO DRIVE!!!

While its an awesome next gen game and a simulation game. I give it a 8.75/10

Cuz bugs…
I. Freaking. Hate. Bugs.


Bus Driver: Driving Innovation?

Now, it’s no secret that the PC is the most diverse platform out there - there are games for every niche you could ever imagine, from your trusty Military Action to your bizarre School Simulators (yes, that’s a real genre - I checked.)

One particular style of game that’s been popping up a lot recently are the so called “Job Simulators” - games meant to simulate the jobs that some people aspire towards but simply can’t do in real life. One such example of this is Bus Driver, a bus simulator from the creative minds over at Spirën Softwares. Now, here’s the kicker, dear reader - it’s really bloody good.

This game puts you in the shoes of an everyday bus driver doing his rounds in several distinct locations, such as place with lots of buildings or place in the middle of nowhere. Jokes aside, these environments do feel very different, and aren’t just a glorified difficulty selector - both have a distinctly different form of challenge to them, with the city area being more densely packed and filled with pedestrians, whereas the rural areas are more sparse yet have more unpredictable roads, with them twisting and turning almost constantly.

Now that’s all well and good, but what would these environments be without something to do in them? Well, sadly this is where Bus Driver falls a tad short. See, the core mechanics of driving the bus feel weighty, responsive and rewarding, yet it’s all there is. The two areas mentioned are the only two areas, with about 5 bus routes each - this essentially means that the game has 10 levels without any variation or excitement to them, which is a real shame, as the actual gameplay is great.

Another area in which this game can’t help but disappoint is in it’s visual design. The environments are flat and textureless and have a severe lack of anything interesting going on. This lack of polish also extends to the optimisation, as our PC couldn’t keep the framerate anywhere near the target 30fps, and that’s with a 486DX and 16MB of RAM - this is a game meant purely for the monster PCs out there.

So, with all that said, my score may surprise you. The piss-poor optimisation, the lack of content, I can look past that, simply because the actual gameplay is just so good. I hope that Spirën Softwares learn from their mistakes and deliver a true masterpiece in Bus Driver 2 - until that day comes, however, I’m giving Bus Driver a 7 out of 10.

7/10 - Good.

+Weighty Vehicles
+Great Controls
+Compelling Gameplay

-Muddy Visuals
-Awful Framerate
-Severe Lack of Content

(Sequel to Epic Galaxy Saga)


Reincarnated with Your Past Self’s Memory!

The Secret of The Pixies is a Fantasy/RPG game developed by Japanese company Jynx, known for the J-DiSK console, the console with the disc insert/eject being a caddy.

Unlike other RPGs with their unique story, in The Secret of The Pixies, anything goes! After a boy named Iculu falls into Pixie Valley, he dies, only to be reincarnated as a pixie with his memory! With the help of his friend, Leaf, he sets out on a quest to get his old human body back, and makes some friends on the way, and discover new places underground. But before he can do that, he has to beat the evil lord Xenus!

With the plot explained, we will explain the pros and cons, despite the epic story, the game got a 6.25/10 in the process, but it quickly gained a cult following!


+Great Plot
+Amazing Surround Sound Which Was New At The Time
+Amazing Soundtrack
+Great Character Design
+Epic Anime-Like Cutscenes
+Great Voice Acting


+The Name Iculu Sounds A Bit Terrible
+Unusual Story
+Game Plot Later Became Underquest But With a Different Story, Take That, Noby Cox!


Unmoving Pixies.
A JRPG game for the Playsystem 2 & J-DiSK, a new franchise which I always support rather than going off of a “game tangent” and making the same game in sequels milking their fans, anyways going away from my tangent.

I played this RPG and within 5 minutes thought - how much was did this cost again. Mediocre, in all honesty but somewhat qualifies for some fun as you dive into its story - story is a fun part of the game! I enjoyed it but it is a bit, well the same as alot of other games, using cliches sometimes in the story which break the immersion making me go, why.

Anyways there is no RPG without some nice gameplay, to summarize it - Basic, Boring, Seen it. I mean the combat feels just basic. Anybody can do it and it bores me. It works but am not happy with it. I was not looking forward to the combat and just hoping for a cutscene every time I went into combat.

Soundtrack was okay, it was certainly listen-to-able. Better than alot of games so, theres that.

Before we summarize this, I want to say how much more capable a company is than, this. They have made better, I remember as a kid playing their indie games. As bone dry as code was then I enjoyed, their games. So going on, this is not what I expect, I expect better.

In all honesty, buy something else. Buy another one of their games or a better JRPG games. I play alot of JRPG and there is alot, better. But if you got money to waste. I mean go for it.

7.2 / 10