Jumbled Company Names


Hey Greenheart games I LOVE Gamedev tycoon and Hope that the other games you will produce are as good as Game Dev tycoon! Anyways, I found a bug where i some times the reports Scramble my Company name (MOST NOTABLY IN THE FIRST OFFICE (NOT THE GARADGE) ) my Name was “Zene Gene Inc.” and it Scrambled it to “Zeen Gean Cni” Hope this gets fixed! <3


If you are referring to the pop-ups that appear after you give an interview to the press, I believe this is intentional. It is my understanding that it is meant to be a joke that, at the start of the game, you are such a small developer that the reporters will misspell the name of your company, due to how unproven you are in the industry.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Oh XD Thanks for telling me lol


It only happens once.


I remember in one of the pop-ups, they mispelled my company name when it was about medium sized, and they tried to make a biz deal or something. Didn’t take the offer because no one makes biz deals with someone who can’t even get the damn company name right lol. Turned out to be a Nigerian scam.