Introducing Tavern Keeper - the second game being developed by Greenheart Games


We have been a little slack in posting updates but make sure to follow our Facebook, Twitter and Newsletter as we will definitely resume posting some updates before too long.


I already subscribed to newsletter, but have not seen update like forever, but I am really interesting in some news, progress, maybe timeline update for the game?


I’d also love some news about your progress, the new game looks very interesting from the little footage that is there.


I can’t wait the first game is one of the best games I ever played and now there making a new one​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Nope, nothin special. Just a warning email


woah the hype is real guys


You better believe it is! I can’t wait xD


I was one day looking for tavern, pub or restaurant simulators on steam, found nothing so I decided to look at how GHG are doing with Game #2

“Introducing Tavern Keeper”