I personally think the game should be free


the game as been around for almost 6 years and yet it isn’t free, i know it may probably be wip tho but it even has a mobile app and his own mods, yes, i know i have to pay for it in steam but i’m broke and i don’t think i have enough money for it, since 1 dollar equals to 4 peruvian sols in peru


Dude i can feel you because dollar is also around 4 in here but steam sales are always an option, just wait a while.


You think a game should be free because you can’t afford it? I’m sorry but its just sad to see posts like this…


it’s not that reason, the game has been around for almost 6 years and yet it hasn’t be free yet, it may probably be wip but some people really want the game like me


Well aoe II is around for 19 years and it still costs money. The thing is its not about how old the game is its about the work and patience people put into, so i’ll say you should wait for an sale, just add the game to the watchlist it will say when it goes to sale.


Just because a game is on the market for 6 years isn’t a good reason to request it to be free.
Games are like any other product, but people seem to put games into a different category since they are often sold as downloadable content.
You wouldn’t ask Porsche to make 911 for free since it’s been on the market a long time :slight_smile:

I also can’t remember any game that went from being paid for to being free.


Why would a game suddenly be free after 6 years?


I’m sure by the time they would make it “free” fans would be outraged.

Simply because they payed $5 of this game, only realizing that 6 years later its free.

Edit: Just noticed I mistyped “Played” instead of “Payed”




Don’t think people will be outraged if this game will ever be “free”.
There are plenty of products that are so much cheaper years later.
Nothing wrong to pay full price for a new product.


Maybe they should release an old version of the game engine for free… You know… Like in the game? :slight_smile:


True such as H1Z1, it became free too


I’m pretty sure GDT doesn’t use a game engine, its just pure JS


only game i can think of is the Save the World mode that is now paid and will be free next year. But thats a gamemode and it has a notification that it will be free to potential buyers


I’m not understanding why the OP thinks the game should be free just because it’s been out 6 years.

Case in point, I’d really like The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. That game came out 16 years ago, yet should I decide to get it, I would still need to pay £12.99 to get it, even though it first came out in 2002.

And that’s a game from an AAA developer and publisher who could probably afford to make it free if they wanted to. Greenheart Games are a small indie developer, and continued purchases of this game is what keeps them going.

Just because you currently can’t afford it doesn’t mean the game should be free.


It’ll be free this year


Oh yeah, that was just me thinking its still 2017…


Haha nope


I paid for it, however what I don’t think that’s fair is that they are charging for the Android game even for those who purchased the game via Steam, people should receive a free code for Android/iOS.


lol i know this is a bit of an old thread, but imma say it.
here is a business lesson bud, a company needs to make money in order to succeed. if it doesn’t the company flops.
simple as that. they file for bankruptcy and no more games from them.
so they can’t make the game free. it’s successful and i don’t think green heart needs to or wants to let go of game dev tycoon.