I need mod ideas


Hey, I’m a mod developer, although I don’t have ideas for a mod, if you have any ideas just leave them here and I’ll consider turning it into an actual mod, if possible I’d like you to make all the graphics, seeing as I’m unable to make graphics.


well, i had some ideas…
how about instead of making another and another new engine, you can update/upgrade/modify existing engine by adding some new features that you researched to minimize cost…
and also you can use another engine by another developers/company and of course you have to pay it… and another developers/company can use your engine as well and you get money from them…

i don’t know if it’s possible. if you think you could make it, i would be very happy, and if not, it’s ok…

*sorry if my english is bad :sweat_smile:


The last thing already exists, software development kit, put that in your engine then other companies can use it and you get money, the only feature I may implement is you can use engine by another developer, although that would be pricey and they’d get x% of your income.


oh yeah… SDK, sorry i forgot about that one… :sweat_smile:


Anyway I’ll see what I can do when it comes to buying an engine


I wouldn’t mind having multi tier Topic research.
Each tier would take more time, RP and money to research, but could provide % boost to final T&D score.

  • Tier 0 Provides 0% boost ( As it is now )
  • Tier 1 Provides 5% boost
  • Tier 2 Provides 10% boost
    And so on.

Amount of boost needs to be balanced.
This idea is meant as an extra layer of ways to improve your games T&D scores. Wouldn’t want it to turn into a easy solution of getting a better score.


Like you’d be able to research a topic multiple times and every time it will become more expensive and will give a bigger boost?


A mod that you could rip off games that other companies have made, but if you rip off games you should have more money and fans then they have :slight_smile:

Sorry for bad english


Like the fake shareholders edition, april fools thing


In short that’s the main idea.
With each tier you get more knowledgeable about that specific topic, thus impact on game will be greater.
Extra bonus could be that randomly a matching genre will be revealed.


Alright, seeing as I’m still quite ne wto modding I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it, but its a great idea.


Well you asked for idea’s, you didn’t mention if it should be easy :slight_smile:


Well, are you actually a more advanced modder? If so you could teach me lol


If I would be an advanced modder, I would make the mod myself :slight_smile:
I can program “Hello World” in Python though ha ha


@JustMaffie I don’t know how the topics are evaluated during/after game develop process but I think you could start by messing around with Mission object and it’s functions in codeNw.js.

There we have some scaling values for(I guess) the results like technologyFactor or designFactor.

You can check for topics tier and, after that, sum to these values to increment the final result.

BUT, I doubt it’s that simple tho… Anyway, with some time you can do this, I believe in you o/


Game Dev Tycoon: A World with no Copyright Law Edition


Well, I’d have to change the sales algorithm, which I’m not sure if I could do


Ah, personally I’m quite far into Python, its my main language, also do JS, Go, Java, soon Elixir


I’m pretty sure that you can just change mission’s tech/design scaling to make games more susceptible to be a hit. That is, the higher your topic’s tier, the more chances you have to release a hit :wink:


Example mod topic addition:

		id: "Assassin", 
		name: "Assassin".localize("game topic"), 
		genreWeightings: [1, 0.7, 1, .6, .8, .7], 
		audienceWeightings: [0.6, 0.9, 1] 

Do you see techLevel in there? I sure as heck don’t.